LIFE – Love Infinite Free Eternal…

What is LIFE all about? Is it a casual occurrence to live and exist without leaving an imprint? or does it have any greater connotations?  L-I-F-E is Love Infinite Free Eternal, a whispered Secret from the Creator perfectly echoed by Mother Nature. Memories are wonderful, of the beauty of Life with Bhagawan, living it perfectly as exhibited by Him, learning and discerning, granting LIFE its fullest meaning… a poem from the pen of Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri.

Love adds purpose to life,
Love is the meaning of life,
All life was meant to unfurl,
Merge, emerge and swirl as -
ove Infinite Free Eternal…

To love infinitely freely eternally,
To give selflessly,
Was the raison d’être for each life form,
When Creation faced its debut and dawn,
A whispered secret,
Unfolding the joy of living,
From Beloved Bhagawan –
Our Creator…
Echoed perfectly,
So perennially,
By Mother Nature,
Where a ceaseless giving continuously saluted Life,
Exuding absolute balance and harmony,
Pursuing the secret perfectly,
A worship so wholesome, a flawless synchronicity…

Lightning danced through clouds dark grey,
Roaring sounds, thunder at play,
Raindrops gently embraced the Earth gone dry,
That fragrance of first April showers filled the air well nigh,
Wafting memories of Beloved Mother Sai…

I didn’t have to shut my eyes,
For the scenes to flash by,
Kulwant Hall, the Divine Presence,
Soulful incantations that made all hearts sigh,
To mingle her music with the ongoing hymns of adoration,
Nature was far from shy -
A gust of cool breeze,
The rustling of leaves,
To enhance the air,
Sending along fragrances of fresh blossoms beyond compare, 
She did clap with thunder,
And with lightning streaks she lit the sky,
Raindrops upon the roof –
Drumbeats that did rhythm defy,
Nature performed her own unique adulation of Beloved Mother Sai…

Oh! What wondrous moments,
All else ceased to exist,
The Divine Presence, celestial hymns,
This joyful display of Nature heightened the bliss,
Creator and Creation,
So much to learn, so much to discern,
Man tried to compete and stay ahead,
While trying to rush and race,
And in the name of progress,
Ethics erase,
Denigrate the true meaning of life,
Leaving it way behind,
Far removed from the original Divine Design,
Out of sync,
Bereft of link,
Where values persistently diminish and shrink,
Pushing Earth to the brink,
Grabbing, hoarding, greed and strife,
That whispered secret now lay extinct,
Along with it has vanished the base of LIFE…

 To live or to merely exist,
To leave an imprint or remain only a statistic,
It is up to us to voice our choice,
If we leave it till too late,
Colossal regret will be our state,
Time for a reversal of attitude,
A detour, a U-turn, a change of route,
To take up Destiny’s offer of another chance,
Alter the steps and be in sync,
Even as we dance the Cosmic Dance…

Love as Thought is Truth.
Love as Action is Right Conduct.
Love as Understanding is Peace.
Love as Feeling is Non-violence.

Life is Love – enjoy it;
Life is a Challenge – meet it;
Life is a Song – sing it;
Life is a Dream – realize it;
Life is a Game – play it;
Life is a Goal – achieve it.

Oh! What Marvelous Musings from the Beloved One,
Adding a zing to the word Life unquestionably,
That genuine touch,
A ‘worth it’ feeling undoubtedly,
Life Is Love -
Love Infinite Free Eternal,
Let us take a cue from Mother Nature,
From our Beloved Creator,
Let us love Life –
Love Infinitely Freely Eternally…
S’a’ilently ‘Ad Infinitum’ly …
So says that inner prompting,
Beloved Mother Sai is awaiting,
Patiently waiting,
To herald in such a LIFE,
For you and me…
We mustn’t keep the Beloved One waiting, must we?

II Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavantu II