All Glory Unto The Mother Of God…

Who is Easwaramma? She is the mother of Easwara, said Bhagawan discoursing about the most privileged mother upon planet earth, whose supreme destiny to carry ‘God’ in physical in her womb would ever remain unmatched. Sacrificing her claim upon her ‘Bundle Of Joy’ for the sake of humanity, the simple rustic illiterate mother hailing from Puttaparthi often stayed away from the limelight, astutely following Him with a heart full of love and devotion. Looking back into ‘His Story’, while dwelling upon the beauty of this tender hearted Chosen Mother of Beloved Mother Sai, let’s join Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri singing this Supreme Mother’s glory, remembering Her on the occasion of Easwaramma Day, coming up on 6th May.

The source of all Avatars,
Willed an Advent,
A Divine Descent,
For mankind to ascend,
Shiva and Shakti chose a glorious form,
A Cosmic verdict,
A human birth,
Rightfully selecting,
A womb of immaculate worth,
All glory unto Eashwaramma,
Mother of Uma and Eashwara,
All glory unto Eashwaramma,
The mother of God upon Earth…

Through the pangs of motherly love compelled,
A wondrous treasure she held,
In the casket of her heart,
For there at least,
She had all to herself, her ‘little’ Sathya,
Who had chosen to break free,
From the shackles of Maya,
Declaring -
“I am not bound to you,
Nor you to Me”,
The proclamation that cut all ties of illusion,
Oh! That Divine Decree,
The Lord had to reveal His reality, you see,
For God allows Himself to be bound and enslaved,
By true Bhaktas and genuine Bhakti…
Bhagawan could be ‘captured’ solely,
Through sheer devotion,
The pristine purity the hallmark of a devotee…

In spite of the devotion piled at Eashwaramma’s feet,
‘Tears were the pillows of her couch’,
Is what we gather from her biography,
Though her ‘son’ did consent,
Acceding to her fervent plea,
To surge forth His mission from Puttaparthi,
Plain was the mother’s pain,
She had to surrender her claim,
For the vast multitude and the Cosmos to gain,
She could never cosset and indulge her son,
Indeed, as ‘her son’ ever again…

She did beg and plead with all the ‘gods’,
That her Sathya may be restored to her surely,
Yet gradually,
She sacrificed her feelings at the altar of humanity,
Assuming the role of a humble devotee,
Often did she say,
As did unfold the celestial play -
‘You call Him Beauty, Tenderness and Joy,
And refer to me as the Mother,
Of this Lovely Form,
But do I ever get to feed Him,
Food cooked by my own hands?’
Was Eashwaramma’s tender hearted motherly umbrage,
Her anguish one could easily gauge -
‘Or give Him an oil bath,
Or tend to Him in a way that is a mother’s privilege?’,
A mêlée of feelings,
Only a mother was at liberty to wage,
Shy was she, such emotions she did rarely uncage…

Yet she had a role to play,
And as mother of the Divine,
He ‘allowed’ her to influence Him in a myriad way,
Acquiescing to her prayerful say,
Sprung up a magnificent spray -
Schools, Colleges, University,
Hospitals, Water Supply,
Ceaseless ongoing testimony,
Inexplicable and unconditional compassion and love,
Of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…

‘From when have You shown these signs of divine power?’
Asked the Editor of ‘Nav Kaal’ on 31st December 1970,
To which the Beloved One did declare openly -
“From My birth,
Why…from long before,
I was at Shirdi as Sai Baba,
Before I incarnated at Puttaparthi,
And I was Krishna before that…”
‘That is to say…’, the Editor did stutter and eyelids bat,

“That is to say, I resolved on My birth,
I decided who should be My mother,
Mere humans can choose a husband or a wife,
But the mother was chosen by the Son,
In the Rama and Krishna Incarnations,
The task for the Birth was the same,
Conferring of Prema on all,
Through the fostering of Prema,
The cultivation of Righteous living among mankind…”
These soft utterances of our Lord,
Does us for all times bind…

For spiritual endeavour,
Eashwaramma had a natural aptitude,
Being endowed with intelligence, vigilance and fortitude,
Coupled with simplicity, loyalty to virtue,
Humility and modesty too,
Her earthly sojourn -
A tale of that extraordinary adventure,
She had to undertake,
And the mother’s natural privileges she had to forsake,
But she rose to the occasion,
Submitting to the Divine declaration,
By and by,
Understanding the grand glory,
Of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…

The ray the Lord chose as a Mother,
On a bright day,
The 6th of May 1972,
This sparkling ray did receive its rightful due,
At the exact moment of her reckoning,
The mother wanted none other,
The time had come,
From the earthly coil for the soul to flee,
To fly free,
She called out to Him alone – ‘Swami, Swami, Swami’,
He replied, “Coming, Coming”,
To her plea,
She didn’t have to await her last breath,
His name did her heart, mind and soul beset,
As destiny drew in the mortal net,
Unto her ‘Son’ she did merge,
Thus releasing the desire for a duet,
Paying off all and every karmic debt…

As Bhagawan did say later,
Referring to her moment of reckoning -
“At that time,
Swami will come to the memory of very few”,
Oh! Befitting indeed was her adieu,
All glory unto Eashwaramma,
Who truly fulfilled the purpose of her birth,
All glory unto Eashwaramma,
The Mother of Eashwara,
…Of God on Earth…

II Samasta Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavantu II