Easwaramma’s Love spreads warmth

Bhagawan has often been heard to tell the words, “Do I need to invite you to your own mother’s house?” There is no power as magnetic as Mother’s love. No wonder then that thousands thronged the Easwaramma – Pedda Venkama Raju Samadhi Mandir this morning on the holy occasion of Easwaramma day. The programme started at 0800hrs simultaneously in both Sai Kulwant Hall and Samadhi Mandir with Vedam and Bhajans respectively.

Many elders of the ashram who have had the blessing of having known and interacted with her in close proximity offered their respects to the Divine Mother. The descendants of the Divine Parents then offered flowers and broke coconuts at the Samadhi. Arati was offered in Samadhi Mandir at 0830hrs after which Sweet Pongal and Tamarind Rice was distributed to the assembly. The added special ingredient of mother’s love made the prasadam even more delicious on this day.

The programme then shifted to Sai Kulwant Hall with 9 cows being brought in a procession led by Panchavadhyam. A total of 54 cows were donated on this auspicious occasion with 9 of them being symbolically given away in the Sai Kulwant hall while the rest was given in the Gokulam. The beneficiaries prostrated at the Sanctum Sanctoram even as Prof Anil Kumar announced their names. The deserving candidates were selected from various nearby villages including Paipalli, Venkatagari, Jagaraju Palli, Gunti Palli, Kambalapalli and so on.

The distribution was followed by Bhajans and Arati.