Miracles Of Baba…

We, the devotees of Bhagawan, are living at a time when we are fortunate to witness His Divine visitations that are multifarious in nature. It is a known fact that His life has been full of such ‘visitations’ that He often uses as ‘Visiting Cards.’ Rolling back the years to the mid forties, when Bhagawan was in His teens, let’s cherish some of such Divine Feats, as chronicled by Smt. Nagamani Purnaiya, extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, November 1970.

Missing Film Roll:
Dasara, 1944: One night, there was a grand procession of Baba seated in a floral palanquin. I was eager to take a photograph, but couldn’t. So, I begged Baba to keep the palanquin intact and allow me to take the picture with Him seated in it, when day broke. He agreed, and I was happy. But, my husband wanted to leave for Bangalore and I had to start, before dawn. Seeing my plight, a photographer who had come to Puttaparthi (Baba was then residing at the `Old’ Mandir, adjacent to the village) assured me that he would take the snap and send my camera with the film, to me through my servant, whom I left behind.

When the servant came to Bangalore, he brought the camera empty! He said the man had clicked the photo, but, refused to hand over the film. He will send it after developing it, from Madras!

I wrote two letters to him but, he replied that he had sent the camera, to me, with the film!

In my despair, I asked Baba about it. He said, `It is with Him at Madras; the picture has come out well; I shall get it for you!’

Dasara, 1945:  At Puttaparthi, I took out my camera, as usual to take a picture of Baba, during one of the festival days. I was taking out a roll of film from my box, when my friend told me that it was already loaded! I was surprised at this; we took it out and found it was a used one!

When it was developed at Bangalore, it was found to be the one which was with the photographer at Madras! How it came from his shelf into my camera is known only to Baba or those who know Baba.

Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai Are ONE:
A devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba came to the village, Puttaparthi, on hearing that Baba has come again, as Avatar. He asked Baba, when He was sitting among the devotees engaged in some spiritual discussion, “Baba! Please give me some proof that You Are Shirdi Sai Baba, the same Baba that i am worshipping since years!” Baba smiled and said, lifting up His Hands, `Look at these Hands!’

Every one of us looked up to see what the proof was, which the Hands held. Lo and behold! One hand was hard, aged and with grey hairs – the Hand of Shirdi Sai! And the other was tender, smooth and fair, the Hand of the teenage Sathya Sai!

We all gasped in wonder. The man who demanded proof fell at Baba’s Feet, and the Hand became the hand we knew. He said, “Pardon me, Baba. I have now no trace of doubt. Take me into the fold!” Baba replied, “You are in the fold, since 30 years, why seek to enter it now?”

The Divine Doctor:
One day when I was at the Old Mandir the parents of a sickly boy who was suffering from chronic insufferable pain in the stomach came with him into the Presence of Baba. They had gone the round of all the major hospitals; the highest experts had advised operation and they feared to take the risk. Baba said, as soon as they spoke about the boy, “Yes! I shall do what the doctors advised you to get done, I shall operate now!” So saying, He took the boy into the small room where Bhagawan used to spend the day.

When the door was closed behind Him, the parents waited outside and prayed aloud, “Swami! Swami! Save our boy!” It must have taken about fifteen minutes only. Baba opened the door and told the parents, “It is all over! Go in and see.” At this, the parents wailed aloud! For, they took Him to mean that the boy had lost his life; but Baba said, “Why do you weep? The boy is quite well. Go in and see!” They went in and saw the boy, happy and smiling; there were clear indications of an operation having been performed.

All of us went in and saw this ‘marvellous’ boy blessed by His Grace.

He started moving about within a few hours; they went home, their hearts filled with gratefulness and faith in Baba being Bhagawan Himself.