Radio Sai @ 10

With the spectrum of waves from Radio Sai linking and syncing the globe to Prasanthi Nilayam, the world amalgamates to become one room. ‘We are always tuned to Bhagawan through Radio Sai’, is one such response relating to the mass appeal Radio Sai enjoys among the Sai fraternity.

Since its inception a decade ago, Radio Sai, the Digital Radio Channel from Prasanthi Nilayam has grown in leaps and bounds, taking the reins in disseminating Bhagawan’s teachings around the world.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of this ‘digital life line’ Team Radio Sai offered an extremely absorbing two-hour presentation at Bhagawan’s Divine Lotus Feet on the evening of August 19, 2012 at the Divine Abode at Prasanthi Nilayam.

The presentation began with a lucid introduction by Ms Karuna Munshi, an alumnus from the Anantapur Campus of Bhagawan’s University, currently an active voice on Radio Sai. Taking the audience down memory lane, to the foremost instance of the Divine signal given to Prof G Venkataraman, asking the Professor to peruse through a brochure by World Space Corporation, Ms Karuna’s anchoring script touched upon the sequential events in precise details, leading up to the epochal day, of commissioning and dedicating the digital channel by the Lord Himself on 23rd November 2001. Clips of proceedings of the momentous occasion  was aired as part of the introduction which included the inaugural announcement made by Prof G Venkataraman followed by an inspiring speech delivered by Dr Michael Nobel, representing the World Space Corporation.

The scene soon changed to a gripping sequence of anecdotes from His chosen instruments – former students of Bhagawan, who were hand-picked for the job by Bhagawan Himself! How Bhagawan assumed the role of a perfect HR Manager, instilling much needed confidence in the youth who were fresh graduates, thereby helping the team to grow into a well-knit unit, was lucidly narrated by a set of boys who are currently assigned with key responsibilities in taking the mission ahead. While for Sai Prakash and Prakash Bharatkar, two of the first recruits, it was Bhagawan Who offered an off the cuff ‘job interview’ in the presence of Prof G Venkataraman, enlisting them directly; for the next pair Aravind and Dhananjay, it was again Bhagawan Who had kept up His promise, providing guidance to join Radio Sai, the very evening they had finished their academic stint at the University.

Vinod, a Post Graduate in MSc, always cherished his dream behind the cameras and when his turn came to offer a Rose of Love to Bhagawan, he preferred to pen down and pour forth his prayer in a letter beseeching Bhagawan.  Personally picking the letter straight from his pocket, while going on to glance through the last line, where Vinod had mentioned his desire to join Radio Sai, Bhagawan blessed this student, inducting him into Radio Sai, much before his final examinations. For two of the latest recruits Aravind Sai and Anirudh, it was again Bhagawan Who showered His blessings, guiding them through vivid dreams, asking them to join His band of students in Radio Sai. “Swami, if I am still able to keep a smile upon my face and hope in my heart, despite my physical handicap, it is because of You, Swami; You have given me a life far fulfilling and meaningful by giving me a chance in Your mission by working in Radio Sai Global Harmony,” said an emotional Raghu Bhat, speaking from a heart drenched in love and gratitude. Raghu Bhat, a key member of Team Radio Sai, is stoically enduring quadriplegia, after a fatal accident that injured his spinal cord, paralyzing his body below the chest.

Intertwining the narration, with hearts full of love and gratitude, the participants soon burst into a beautiful melody, posing themselves as His most endearing children, imploring Mother Sai, ‘Poocho Naa Kysi Hey Meri Maa…Ek Sachchey Dosth Jysi Maa…(…Oh! Ask not what my Mother means to me, inept am I, unable to express nor my sentiments qualify…my sole true friend…the life force within this body, my very soul is Beloved Mother Sai…) The enchanting melody with its captivating tune and lilting musical score poignantly touched all hearts, moistening many eyes in the august assembly.

Anecdotes with regard to Bhagawan’s personal response after listening in to Radio Sai programmes on many occasions; as well as the manner in which Radio Sai became a worthy instrument connecting ‘heart to heart’ internationally, while bringing timely succour for needy ‘souls’; so also the successful launching of the ‘Prema Jyothi’ exhibition, were narrated prior to putting the spotlight on the mysteriously miraculous tale of Radio Sai, still being functional and airing its programmes, albeit the hosting client – World Space Corporation – closing down its India operations long ago.

Narrating the successful staging of “Prema Pravaham”, as an 85th Birthday offering at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet, the troupe delightfully reproduced the theme song of the programme bearing the same title, bringing to the fore nostalgic memories of the glorious 85th birthday twilight celebrations at the Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium, in the immediate Divine Presence of Beloved Mother Sai.

If it was a legendary Prof Kasturi who was Bhagawan’s chosen instrument, ordained to take the up the task of setting up the maiden publishing unit in Prasanthi Nilayam over five decades ago, now, in a much advanced modern age of path-breaking technological revolutions, when the time was right for further enhancement of His mission, airing His profound teachings in a wider global proportion, it was an industrious and studious Prof G Venkataraman to whom Bhagawan had opted to hand over the mighty task, to imbibe the Divine inspiration fostering it to soar to limitless glory.

Referring to his distinguished status and high credentials, when Prof G Venkataraman was called to share his thoughts and feelings on the occasion, the Professor began in his usual relaxed, confident and witty style sharing the interesting morning story from the inaugural day of Radio Sai. Calling Radio Sai a ‘very big Radio Family’, that is ever expanding, Prof Venkataraman thanked all the listeners around the world for their support, conveying that he would like to serve Radio Sai with much more vigour in the years to come.

The final speaker for the evening was Sri SS Naganand, who is a Chartered Accountant by profession, as well as a practising Advocate at the Karnataka High Court and the Supreme Court of India. Sri Naganand is currently a Member Trustee, Sri Sathya Sai Media Foundation, the officiating body of Radio Sai Global Harmony. Speaking of the administrative and legal tasks entrusted upon him by Bhagawan prior to the formation of Radio Sai, the speaker hailed the able stewardship of Prof Venkataraman complementing the band of students for their single focused commitment towards the mission at hand.

Prior to the vote of thanks being offered by Bishu Prusty, Kulwant Hall resonated with two more songs rendered by the core team.

Quite apt, the grand finale of the day was a bhajan in Bhagawan’s Divine Voice, Hari Bhajana Binaa Sukha Santhi Nahin…the very  signature tune or anthem Bhagawan had selected for ‘His Own’ Digital Radio Channel.

Truly a unique evening that left the audience wonder-struck at the brilliant saga of Radio Sai sailing a decade long journey…while creating waves of harmony…upon the Ocean of Ultimate Grace that was its base.

Prof Kasturi, who was blessed to coin the most appropriate metaphor baptizing India’s official Radio Channel, All India Radio into ‘Akashvani’, who was Bhagawan’s first and foremost instrument in spreading His message through His publishing house and Sanathana Sarathi,  would have been the happiest person on Planet Earth on this day, had he been alive, cheering Radio Sai, lauding its efforts, watching its enviable evolution into Bhagawan’s ‘Global Ambassador’ carrying His messages across every nook and corner of the vast expanse of our world.


II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II