Are You Spying On Him?!?

How often have we seen the perfect ‘human face’ of the Avatar descended, our Beloved Bhagawan, living His life among men, talking, joking and laughing – like humans, touching every heart with His indelible impressions of Supreme Love. An interesting instance involving Prof Kasturi, Indra Devi and Beloved Bhagawan.

Once Bhagawan had given a ring to Ms Indra Devi, a devotee from Mexico, who was teaching Yoga to boys in Sanskrit Patasala in Prasanthi Nilayam.  The devotee was not very happy with the ring as it was missing Bhagawan’s image on it and she had stopped wearing ornaments ever since she started teaching Yoga way back in 1939.

The next morning when the devotee and group was called in for interview, Bhagawan specially asked for the ring saying, “Accha Nahi Hai” meaning “it is not good”.  Taking it by hand He merely blew on it, thereby transforming the same into a ringset with a single diamond.  “You wanted to see My image in it?” asked Bhagawan smilingly, knowing her thoughts.  “You will see it whenever you want, but, no one else will”.  With these words He placed the ring on her finger.  “Wear it, especially when going out”, Bhagawan instructed, “it will let Me know when you are in danger, so that I can protect you.”

The devotee had tried out with the ring on occasions.  Once when she was in far off California, she could see Bhagawan in a white car! On another occasion, she could see Him addressing a small gathering sitting in a semi-circle.  On both the occasions she had noted down the dates and particulars.

Next time when she had come to Prasanthi Nilayam she checked the dates with Prof Kasturi.  He attested that on the first occasion, Bhagawan had gone on a tour in a car and on the second occasion He was addressing a gathering in Kerala, where devotees were made to sit in semi-circle!

When the devotee was testifying the veracity of what she had seen through the miraculous ring, the ever witty and jovial, Kasturi asked her in his own inimitable style, “Are you spying on Him?”  When this remark of Prof Kasturi was narrated in His Divine Presence, Bhagawan and the entire gathering broke into a laughter!

…writes Indra Devi herself about the incident.

So, I resumed and told about the ring which Bhagawan had given to me about three years ago, pleased with the Yogasanas I had been teaching the boys of the Sanskrit Patasala at Prasanthi Nilayam. Actually, He had first given me a different one He created. “Shadguna!”, He said, “Rays of Virtue!”; He explained, while He gave it to me. When I came to my room I didn’t feel too happy about it, because it didn’t have His image and I had given up wearing jewels ever since starting to teach Yoga in 1939.

The next morning, when we were all called back into the ‘interview room’ the first thing Bhagawan told, turning to me was, “Give me the ring: Accha nahi hai (it is not good)” Then, taking it by the hand, He merely, blew on it, there by transforming it into a ring set with a single diamond. “You wanted to see My image in it?”, He smiled, knowing my thoughts. “You will see it whenever you want, but, no one else will”. With these words, He placed the ring on my finger. “Wear it, especially when going out,” Bhagawan instructed, “it will let Me know when you are in danger so that I can protect you”.

Once when I was in far-off California, I looked at the ring and clearly saw in it Baba sitting in a white car! I figured and wrote down the date in the calendar. On another occasion, I saw Him addressing a crowd that was sitting in a semicircle. It did not look like Prasanthi Nilayam. Again, I made a note of the date and on my next pilgrimage to Prasanthi Nilayam, I checked the dates with Brother Kasturi. He attested that on the first occasion, Bhagawan had gone on tour on the date I saw Him. “I saw Him in a white car, whereas His car is a dark one.” I argued! “He has now a white one.” Replied Brother. He also verified that on the second occasion Bhagawan was addressing a gathering in Kerala, where people sat in a semi-circle!

“Are you spying on Him?” Brother Kasturi asked me, jokingly! When I quoted this remark of Brother Kasturi, Bhagawan and with Him, the entire audience broke into a laughter. I felt that that was the best time for me to end my talk.

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II