How uniquely He brings devotees unto Him!

A God-fearing and service minded person, who would not spend time in prayers and was hesitant about accepting Bhagawan’s Divinity saying, ‘i will not fall at anybody’s feet; Sai Baba is probably a great man and mystic, but i do not believe…..’ was brought unto His Feet in His most unique and inimitable style. Read on the story of Sri Kuppam Radhakrishna’s entry into ‘Sai-fold’ along with his family. An account from Amarendra Kumar, from the book Modern Miracles.

In those days, getting to Puttaparthi was a herculean task. We had to take a train to Penukonda. From there we had to go by bus, and the last part of the way by bullock cart. Many times we had to walk as much as 18 miles through the forest, and finally over the Chitravathi River to reach Puttaparthi.

As we arrived for the first time, we were surprised to find that Baba had crossed the river to receive us. He was actually waiting for us. Baba immediately came up to my father and asked him:

‘Are you not Radhakrishna from Kuppam?’ My father replied, ‘yes’.

Then Baba said: ‘Come on! Prostrate yourself; touch My Feet; all your problems are over.’

My father answered: ‘Sorry, no. If my problems should be over, simply as a result of touching Your Feet now, I will have to touch them later.’

Baba said: ‘You are certainly going to touch My Feet. Forever you will remain My devotee.’

This statement came true; until my father breathed his last, in spite of so many things, he remained a firm devotee. Baba went on: ‘I have come all the way from Ashram to receive you, because you are all My children.’ And we said: ‘Good. Thank You very much for all Your hospitality’ and we went to the Ashram.

At first Baba used to talk just with my father. Later on He asked us to sing a few songs as the whole family were good singers. We started doing bhajans, which used to last for three or four hours a day.

Our first trip to Puttaparthi lasted for nearly twenty days. In those days it was very difficult to stay there for even a day or two, with all the inconveniences. Yet, despite all the inconveniences, we felt really happy to stay there; we never minded them and often didn’t even notice them.

Gradually my father’s faith in Baba developed. On my part, I would say that from the beginning I felt a personal attachment to Baba rather than spiritual faith. But naturally, as the attachment grew and as we came to understand Him better, seeing Him from day to day, our faith also increased, most definitely. That is how we became devotees.