Light Up Your Consciousness…

Taking cognizance of Deepavali and its inner significance, do we ever look within imbibing the great cultural essence the festive occasion heralds, emulating it for a worthy life? With many a hues of the festivity come to the fore symbolizing outer cleansing, what about the inner…cleansing the past Impressions, impurities, imperfections and impulses etc.? How long we continue to deny Him…??? a thought-provoking poem from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.

Over indulgence in I…
…takes one away from Sai…
Thus, one day did the clear-sighted Sage sigh…

Oh! Father what do you mean by that statement…?
Asked a puzzled shishya of his Guru…
Consequently the enlightened Master did explain,
While shaking his astute head in rue -

‘One and all are busy with ‘spring cleaning’ during this Diwali week,
Homes spruced up to look festive and sleek,
Smart new outfits to dress the frame,
Gifts and sweets that make one with excitement exclaim,
But with what is the mind aflame…?
What is its aim…
…besides name, fame and acclaim…?

All that relates to the temporal,
Is indeed ephemeral,
Each one has their own way to celebrate a festival,
Some follow age old customs and norms,
Some just want to have a good time sans any qualm…
Some visit friends and family,
Some partake in feasting amidst joyous gaiety…
Some share a percentage of whatever they earn,
While most light up lamps and many a lantern…
Some get busy with fireworks and sparklers,
For a pyrotechnic display not a bit averse,
Unconcerned about the massive environment pollution,
The state of extreme agitation and fear,
In some infants and children that does rear,
And most birds and animals,
Their psyche with tremors it serves to besmear,
Displacing them helter-skelter searching for safe enclosures,
All due to the extreme noise generated by the bursting of crackers…
Personal entertainment should never harm anyone,
Through viciously brazen action,
Yet, there are some who tie animal tails with firecrackers,

Just for random fun…
And then there are those whose creativity spills through,
With rangolis, cards and banners…
Some do make fervent pledges and vows,
Hoping to make their field fertile,
Without the effort of having to plough…’

Oh! Master, are you subtly trying to berate,
Isn’t this the normal way to celebrate…?

‘Along with the outer,
What about the inner cleansing, my dear…?
When will the core, if ever, be allowed to come to the fore?
Past Impressions, Impurities, Imperfections and Impulses,
That most definitely create an impasse,
A crevasse in the journey towards enlightenment…
Alas! What worth can you ultimately amass,
When the inner wealth you do bypass…?
Ere the sands of time swiftly slips through life’s hourglass,
Along with feasts and fasts,
One must dive into the internal capital of values and virtues,
Latent abundance, opulence, substance and plenitudes,
Abstain, abstain, abstain,
From at least a single negative trait at a time,
Much like a taboo,
Certainly a particular line of thought, word or deed,
It’s time to spruce,
Without indulging in any lame excuse…
Choosing to follow a strict regimen,
Saying ‘no’ to all unsavory attributes,
Commencing to do that which is long overdue,
Practice perhaps just one particular human value,
Every new day that does dawn,
Leaving the past behind as bygone,
Abandoning that expression ever so woebegone,
Commanding all disagreeable characteristics to – ‘Be gone’,
Only then does one begin afresh…a true celebration each morn…

Beyond all outward offerings,
This pleases our Lord the most,
Diwali is a time to welcome home Sri Ram,
And symbolically all that He does represent…
Sathya, Dharma,
Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa…
His life is an example for all times,
As proven through the ages…for all climes,
Just like that of His present advent as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…

Lifetimes have gone by,
And so might many more follow suit too,
However, what does this state imply?
That as yet our Beloved Master we continue to deny,
Forever procrastinating…with urgent lessons failing to comply,
How much longer the senses,
Need we needlessly gratify…?

Be humble, be true, if you must give in,
Surrender, submit, give in to an unassuming virtue,
Forsake, discard, abandon and abstain from all that is not you,
Excessive extravagances eventually turn one into thorny cacti…
Over indulgence in I…
…takes one away from Sai…
So, little one, yourself you must bless,
Beyond all that you own and possess,
Your flaws you must promptly and unhesitatingly address,
Make sure you settle for nothing less,
Towards the Supremely Beloved One,
Attract that Divine Access…a Cosmic Caress,
Pledge this very moment to – Light Up Your Consciousness…

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II