Sathya Sai’s Love For Dogs and Dog Lovers…

Man is the initiating factor, to whom is committed the task of leading the animal kingdom towards liberation. Does he ever live up to this commitment? …at a time when humans turn blind towards their co-inhabiting world of animals, birds and creatures, a beautiful story depicting  love and compassion, of man and God,  for the four-legged ones, extracted from the book ‘Sai Baba – The Embodiment Of Love’ by Peggy Mason & Ron Lang.

It was a little over two years ago and we had recently lost our two pet dogs within a short time. One was aged fifteen, the other twelve. We decided to give an unwanted dog a home as we greatly missed our two pets. On enquiry at a local dog’s home we were given a list of available dogs. As an afterthought we were told ‘Then there is poor Emma…’ I asked if ‘poor Emma’ was also a dog, and was told she was.

“As soon as we saw Emma I knew she was special. Her hindquarters were very weak. She seemed terrified to move. We were told she had been very badly treated by her previous owner. She could not eat, and hardly lapped up milk – but we took her home with us.

“In due course of time she became a beautiful dog, physically. Mentally, however, the scars remained. If we had to leave her in the house she went hysterical, and would tear furniture, carpets, and even doors to pieces. Loud noises terrified her.

“We did everything possible for her and gave her all the love we could. But it seemed to no avail. She was so psychologically damaged that two years later we have to have her put to sleep.

“We were heartbroken. That night I mentally called Sai Baba and asked Him to let us know in some way if her tormented mind was healed. I fell asleep.

“Sometime later I became aware of a feeling like electricity flowing in the room. I then saw Sai Baba standing there with my dog by His side. He spoke softly to her and she ran to me, then back to His side. He spoke to her again, and this time she sat in front of me and I stroked her.

“I gazed into her eyes and she looked completely calm. After stroking her I noticed all the previous nervousness seemed to have disappeared. Sai Baba just smiled. Then He and the dog disappeared.”

Jean adds: “When I had tried to mentally contact Baba before, He had always replied. I am at first awoken by a feeling like waves of mild electricity flooding the room. Also He has provided the complete answer to whatever problem I am asking about. From these experiences I became convinced of His omnipresence and His great compassion.”