Selfless Sai…

Man is not qualified to evaluate  and judge His actions…all that He does is without any trace of selfishness, aimed at the larger good, be it for an individual, society or humanity or entire creation…He does it and it should be human to accept Him in totality…How He took upon Himself something disastrous of great proportions, attributing the same as if to ‘save one student’…He does it silently, without any publicity all out of His abundant love for His own creation…Bhagawan Himself narrates the famous incident during Sports Meet 1999.


No one has the power to protect one’s own self. It is only the Divine power and divine will that enables man to protect himself. Only divinity has free will, none else.

Whatever God says or does is for the welfare of humanity. God is selfless. There is no trace of selfishness in God. What is the benefit accruing to the sun by rising and setting? None at all. Sunrise and sunset are for the benefit of mankind. It enables man to discharge his duties during the day and rest during the night. Similarly, every act of God is for the benefit of mankind, not for His own.

As Narasimhamurthi pointed out, Kasturi once urged Me not to neglect this body in the process of saving a devotee. I replied, “This body has come for the sake of devotees and shall be  utilised for  doing  anything  and  everything for their welfare.” Body attachment is human and total detachment is divine. Attachment to the body is responsible for all suffering and misery. Since God does not have any body attachment He does not attach any importance to the suffering of His body.

Once He assumes a body, many things are bound to happen to the body. Whatever happens is for the welfare of the whole world.

Students’ Safety Pleases Swami

Students, both boys and girls, are very good. Students participate in various activities, be it academic or sports, only with a desire to please and satisfy Swami. I am very well aware of this fact. No doubt, students strive to please Swami and make Him happy. But, they do not enquire what actually pleases and satisfies Him and makes Him happy. Will Swami be pleased if you display your valour by jumping through a ring of fire or for that matter from a lorry moving at a high speed? Will it satisfy Swami if you display your courage by doing dare-devil stunts on motor bikes like jumping over 10-20 people lying on the ground? I am pleased when you are safe and sound and the audience are pleased and happy with your performance. He is the blessed one who conducts himself in a manner in which neither he is hurt nor others. You should be safe and secure and at the same time desist from activities, which cause apprehensions in others. This is what I want. I am pleased with nidarsana and  not  with  pradarsana (exhibitionism). Even a small action done with a heart full of love pleases Me.

What happened on the Sports Meet day?

While returning from Bangalore (in the month of December), I instructed the Warden not to bring the boys for the Sports Meet. They attributed various reasons to this word of Mine. There may be many reasons (karana) but what I am interested in is the action (karya). After coming over here, I told the Vice Chancellor that I do not object to boys participating in various sports and games such  as badminton, tennis, volleyball, etc. At the same time, I cautioned him to ensure that no harm  is  caused  either  to  the  participants  or  to  the  audience during the course of the programme scheduled for 11 January.

Students are tender hearted, full of noble feelings and love for Swami. They planned various programmes with a view to please Me. I was very well aware of the impending danger.

But, students were not receptive to My words. I felt there was no point in advising them in such a situation. Only when they face the consequences of disobeying My command will they realise  the  value  of My  words. Till this moment nobody is aware of what exactly happened on the morning of January 11.

They said that the Sports Meet was a grand success. I am also happy when you are successful. Students performed extremely well. Each contributed to the success of this event based on his capacities and capabilities How Swami protected the students. That morning, as I entered the stadium, I spotted two lorries. Immediately, I could visualise the danger lurking in the corner. I saw the lorries with huge scaffolding  placed  over them. The boys planned to perform a few acrobatic feats on them. I knew that one of the rods was not fitted properly and was about to give in. If it were to happen, the boys would suffer a major head and spinal injury. I willed the boys should be saved and decided to take it upon Myself.

Prior to this, one boy had suffered a spinal injury and had been admitted to the Manipal Hospital in Bangalore. Without any delay, I arranged for an ambulance to shift the boy to the hospital in Bangalore  and  gave  10,000 rupees to  defray the immediate expenditure. I also ensured that our doctor accompanied him. Parents shed tears of gratitude when they came to know of the love showered by Swami on their son.

The doctor said that the boy would not be able to sit or lie down as his spinal column was badly damaged. I told him, “Don’t entertain any misgivings. Do as I say.” Miraculously, by the time the boy reached the hospital, he could sit. He could sit on the bed in the hospital. He regained sensation in all his limbs, which were numb till then. No danger whatsoever. He was  protected  because  of My  infinite mercy  and  boundless grace. I willed that such an untoward incident should not recur.

Once the spinal column is fractured, it is impossible to set it right. All students should be safe and secure. I have repeatedly declared that students are My property. I consider student welfare  as My  welfare  and  their  happiness  as My  happiness. I never think of My happiness and My comfort. My one concern is that the students should not be disappointed or put to any inconvenience.

A day before the Sports Meet, I had instructed four boys to surround the chariot and keep a vigil. They are also full of love and devotion for Swami. But I noticed that none of them was present at that spot. Nobody is to be blamed. No one does this deliberately. Swami is the very life-breath of the students. I asked for the chariot to be stopped.  A senior devotee was driving the chariot with all sincerity, love and devotion. He stopped the vehicle in accordance with My command. Just when I was about to speak to the Vice-Chancellor, he  accidentally lifted his foot from the clutch. That resulted in a jerk and I fell down in the chariot. As a result, I suffered injuries on my head, hand, and spinal column. What the boys had to face, I took it upon Myself.

Many men and women were seated in the gallery, but I took care that none noticed My injuries. I pretended as though nothing  had  happened.  The Vice  Chancellor  was  worried, thinking  that  Swami was  unable  to  get  up. I  knew  that  any further delay would cause anxiety in the minds of devotees. So, I immediately got up, forgetting the pain, and started blessing the devotees waving My hands. The pain was very severe, and the cut on My hand was so deep as though it was pierced with a  knife.  Actually  the sleeve  of  the robe  covering My  hand should have been torn before I got the injury. But the cloth was not torn at all. This incident gives you a glimpse of the infinite power of Divinity. I found Myself in an awkward situation. I had to walk up to the dais without My injuries being noticed. So I willed that no one should notice My injuries, lest they should become anxious. I  walked  up  to  the  dais  and  took My seat. But  in  the meanwhile the  dhoti below the robe was drenched in blood.

Concerned that the devotees may get to know of this, I walked into the bathroom discreetly. The available towels were insufficient to wipe the oozing blood. I did not want to leave the bloodstained towels in the bathroom, lest someone should notice them. Though there was excruciating pain, I washed the towels Myself with soap, squeezed them and put them up for drying. Under no circumstances do I reveal My suffering, pain, and fatigue.

Some boys were curious to know why I went to the bathroom repeatedly. I replied, “Why are you concerned? It is My job.” Usually, I go to the bathroom only twice a day, morning and evening. Since it was bleeding profusely, I had to go to the bathroom five or six times in that short duration.

In the meantime, two students came and prayed that the flag may be hoisted. When I got down from the chair, the sensation was such that it seemed as though I was subjected to electric shock. I smiled at My own Divine leela. I could not stand firmly on the ground. I thought I should not be deluded by the attachment to the body and walked forward smilingly to hoist the flag. Then I lighted the lamp. I found Myself in an embarrassing situation. I could not sit in any posture comfortably. When I exhort all devotees to give up body attachment, I should set  an  example Myself in this regard. Saying this to Myself, I conducted Myself accordingly.

The  Primary  School  children  performed  extremely  well and desired to have a photograph with Me. Acceding to their prayers I walked up to them to be photographed, as I did not want to disappoint them. Subsequently, I had to walk up to the playground five more times to be photographed with the remaining students. In this manner, I detached Myself from the body. My body was numb. There was no sensation whatsoever.

My head was reeling. I resolved to make them happy no matter what happened to the body. I decided to keep this to Myself. Concerned that the bloodstains may be visible while returning to the dais from the playground, I ascended the steps leading directly to My seat. Is it possible for a human being to conceal such a major injury from the public gaze for a long time being amidst such a huge gathering? No. I was seated on the chair for five long hours.

Comprehend the nature of divinity I Am relating  all  this so  that students  and  devotees may comprehend the nature of divinity. Anyone in My predicament would not have been in a position to sit in the chair even for a second. It would have been impossible even to put a step forward. It  was  as  though  the  electric shock  was  piercing My body. It is the electric current that gives shock, but when I am the current Myself, where is the question of Myself being subjected to shock? With that feeling, I sat through the whole proceedings and returned to the mandir.

The Central Trust members followed Me, but they were not aware of what had happened to Me. I asked them to have their food. The senior devotee who drove the chariot apologised for what had happened. I told him, “Why do you worry about the past? Past is past. I am happy. Do not worry about Me.” All of them had their lunch. After the lunch, it started bleeding again.

Students and band boys were waiting outside for photographs. Again I went into the bathroom to wipe the blood. Noting this Indulal Shah cried out, “Swami, what is this?” I told him lovingly, “Indulal Shah, whatever had to happen to the body has happened.” Saying so, I showed him My injury. All of them cried out in agony. They noticed blood all over the body. I told them  that I  would  not reveal  anything  in future  if  they  expressed their sorrow like this. No one knew about it  until I reached the Mandir.

Whatever is bound to happen will happen

Likewise, I take upon Myself the untold suffering of students and devotees at various points of time in order to protect them. No one is responsible for this mishap. You may find fault  with  one  individual  or  the  other,  but  no  one  is  to  be blamed for this. Whatever had to happen happened. That’s all.  Whatever is bound to happen will happen. You are bound to experience the pain and pleasure that you are destined to even if you hide yourself in a dense forest. When the time comes, your body is bound to perish, in spite of utmost precautions.

Even mighty  emperors  and kings who had taken  all precautionary measures had to give up their body at the appointed hour. Whatever is bound to happen will happen. One should not resist this unduly.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II