At The Doorstep…

Bhagawan declared one day during Dasara 1961 that He would be waiting outside the door of the Puja Room of His devotees, ready to carry out what he prays for… That was a simple statement of fact, a message of consolation and strength to one and all…but, for Dr VD Kulkarni of Chadchan in the Bijapur district, the message came with potency, as Bhagawan stood by His promise, saving a precious life. From Sanathana Sarathi June 1962.
Baduma Kasim Valekar, an old lady of 60 was admitted as an in-patient on 30th Oct 61 in my Nursing Home, seriously ill with acute double pneumonia and I treated her for three days, 30th, 31st and 1st Nov ‘61 during which she registered some improvement. But, on the fourth day, about midnight, her condition suddenly turned precarious and I was hastily summoned to her side. She was in great distress, her heart was sinking and I gave her a Coramin injection. That did not improve matters and I tried an additional internal dose of Coramin too. Her condition continued to worsen and I could see no sign of hope.  I returned with a heavy heart to my house about 1 a.m.

Baba was my Only Refuge. I took bath at that late hour, and entered the Puja Room. I performed the Astothra Puja to Baba and prayed, “I have tried all drugs and cures known to me; now, I am helpless. I do not know any more. The responsibility is yours now; save her, O’ Baba. Save me and my reputation.” I then went to bed, but, I could not sleep on account of anxiety. The picture of grief around the sick bed haunted me. I hurried before dawn to the Nursing Home and what a surprise!… when I found Baduma sitting up on the cot! I gave her the Vibhuti that Baba had given me when I took leave of Him at Puttaparthi and asked her what had happened at night. Had anyone come? I asked. She replied that she did not remember much, but, someone came and placed His hand on her cheek just below the ear, and also stroked the head. She said, “I felt great relief.” She said that the person had a heavy load of curly hair! He had sat on the cot by her side for some time and disappeared.

I was overcome by surprise and thankfulness.  I ran into my room and bringing with me the picture of Baba, I asked her, “Is this The Person Who came?” “THE SAME,” she cried.

Needless to say, “Baduma recovered quickly…”

“Oh! What a blessed soul is that lady! She had the good fortune of being treated by the Loving All- merciful Hand of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!”