Gratitude Programme by Anantapur Girls…

Presenting an evening of heartfelt gratitude, passing out batch of students from the Anantapur Campus of SSSIHL offered a musical delight this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

“Oh Sai Maa we find our heaven only at Your Lotus Feet” echoed the girls singing paeans to Beloved Mother Sai blurting anecdotes, of precious touch of Mother Sai’s Touch Of Grace, as interludes singing nine songs for over fifty minutes.

The musical presentation was full of feeling, suffused with the pain of inevitable ‘separation’, and devotion as the tenderness and sweetness of the little children wishing to cling on to The Mother was evident in their tone and tenor. Interlude anecdotes were about Bhagawan’s visiting Cards in the form of dream darshan and guidance, visions and saving lives, all in His inimitable style.

Some of the songs for the evening, sung in Telugu, Hindi and English, were Sree Ganesha Sivuni Kumara.., Neevey Neevey Maa Sai Maa…, Oh Maa Sai Maa…., Hum tho sirf Thumarey Hey…, Oh Sai Tere Saath Harpal Rahey…, Dayaku Premaku…etc..

The girls ended the fifty minute programme invoking Divine Blessings to spread His Song of Love…in their life ahead, as His chosen instruments, as His properties.

Bhajans by the girls continued until Mangala Arathi offering at 1810 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II