A Sharp Knife Across My Tongue

Dr. B. Sampat from Lucknow had a unique experience with Bhagawan, experiencing the Divine Doctor in Him, Who walked past the bolted door in the dead of night to perform a ‘magical operation’, relieving His devotee from excruciating pain, granting him a fresh lease of life to keep praying… extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, June 1964.


On October 23, 1963, I developed a small ulcer on the underside of my tongue, at the tip, on the right half. It spread rapidly backwards causing severe pain, shooting terribly into the right ear and the right eye. The ulcer spread quickly to the gums round my teeth, both in the upper and the lower jaws on the right side. The inside of the cheek was also ulcerated. There were blisters on the right cheek, the outer side. Within 4 days, I was shouting on account of the unbearable pain.

My condition became so serious that I had to be admitted in the Bala Ram Hospital on the 27th, as an emergent case. The doctors diagnosed it as a case of Herpes Zoster, involving the second and third division of the trigeminal nerve. Medicines were administered orally and through intramuscular injections.

All the while, I was praying to  Bhagawan, Who had blessed me when He had come to Lucknow. He is My Lord, My Saviour.

On October 29th, I became so desperate with the excruciating agony that I prayed to Baba with great anguish at about 9 pm either to relieve my pain or end the agony forever.

At about 12 midnight, when I was in a half-dazed condition, I suddenly felt that Baba came to my bedside and drew a sharp knife across my tongue. No body had come in, we had bolted all doors before retiring. But, still, I saw Him clearly and the knife was drawn. I felt a sudden relief from the pain. It had gone completely!

The doctors were surprised that the pain had vanished and the ulcer was well on the way to cure. Baba had responded to my prayer; He had operated over my tongue! And…not a drop of blood!

He gave me relief and a fresh lease of life, to keep on praying to Him. Pray to Him ever, dear friends, for His grace!