Ashadi in Prasanthi Nilayam…

Celebrating Ashadi Ekadashi, the Marata festival of great spiritual significance, Balvikas children along with devotees  from the State of Maharashtra presented a variety of cultural programmes yesterday at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Prasanthi Nilayam.

On the auspicious morning the programme commenced at 0820 hrs., after half-an-hour Rudram chanting, with a Dindi procession, symbolic to the age-old tradition of Varkari Yatra to Pandharpur, Abode Of Lord Vitthala. A couple of dances to the tune of Marati abhangs followed next.

Balvikas children from Mumbai then offered a Musical Dance Drama entitled ‘The Divine Kaar Rally’. The Divine Kaar Rally this morning was an encore, with a modified version, of the 1999 presentation in the immediate Divine Presence of Beloved Bhagawan.

The presentation was a graphic depiction of man’s plight today.  Man, completely enmeshed in materialism, yielding to lower instincts, looses his track forgetting his real nature.

To get into the “I to He Highway” he has to cross over Ahamkaar…then Mamakaar…to progress into Chamatkar wherein he will start experiencing Divine Touch Of Grace as miracles. From there, while in tune, he will progress with the help of a special bonus, Paropakaar, to Sakshaatkaar, Self Realisation!

Presented with a touch of humour, with subtle yet profound messages, the presentation brings in a protagonist who drives in, with his ‘Ahamkaar’ that breaks down only for him to seek helpf from Sathya Sai Garage…the garagemen were helpless as ‘Ahamkaar’ broke into pieces and was beyond repair…Mamakaar drives into the scene then which also fails to further owing to break down.

Even as he thinks how to reach his destination ‘Chamatkaar’ drives the protagonist to much better position wherein he was offered further assistance by the garage man to rely on Sathya Sai World Bank for ‘financial assistance’ to progress to ‘Namaskaar’…from there to ‘Sanskaar’ and finally to ‘Sakshaatkaar’.

In the process the protagonist was asked to seek the help of Sri Sathya Sai Driving School wherefrom he got the essential lessons of Nine Point Code Of Conduct, to promote to the Sanskaar class.

As advised by the Sathya Sai World Bank official the protaganist understands the luring schme, that yiels a special bonus as well, of 1 percentage extra grace before reaching Sakshaatkaar, his final destination.

Presenting symbolically the presentation was full of values, as preached by Bhagawan, illustrating present day man’s plight owing to ignorance.

At the end all the children were felicitated with special presentations and bhajans by Maharashtra troupe continued until Mangala Arathi at 0940 hrs.

In the evening Balvikas children from Thane district presented a thought provoking dance drama entitle Manav to Mahatma, illustrating the mateoric rise of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to Mahatma Gandhi, India’s Father Of Nation.

The presetation based on Bhagawan’s Divine Discourse as well as from the tale of National Independence Struggle depicted how his Mother Jija Bhai instilled greater values in Gandhiji as a young lad, that helped him to take a firm resolve to adhere to truth to finally sacrifice his life for the natioin winning National Independence. Episodes from his sojourn in South Africa, the famous episode of Hindu – Muslim dispute at the Azad Maidan wherein Gandhiji brought them together, the trial at the British Court etc.  were also shown. The presentation was intertwined with beautiful dance and song sequences.

At the end, Bhajans continued and Mangala Arathi was offered at 1820 hrs.

The three day Ashadi festivity will continue today witha Musical Offering entitled Quantum Signature of God – Confluence of  Science & Spirituality Sri Ganesh Atre & team.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II