Sathya Sai Baba transcends the laws of science…

Does Bhagawan transcend the laws of science…? can man ever limit Him within the confines of his limited knowledge…? Dr S Bhagavantam, one of India’s foremost scientists of the bygone era, speaks about what the scientist in him confesses about Bhagawan… Dr Bhagavantam enunciates that Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba transcends the laws of science and that becomes a law of science.

I must confess that, with the logic I know and the training I have, I cannot accept that Baba is like you and me and that, He can transcend the laws of physics and chemistry. I have therefore to declare that He is a Phenomenon that, He is Transcendental, that He is Divine. This is the only way I can get out of the dilemma.

One evening, in a remote village, some one came to me at a public meeting which Baba was addressing, and asked me to speak a few words about Him. I was bewildered; I had seen many wonders and I was still asking questions and searching for answer! Still, I did go on the stage. I remember saying what Baba reminded me of the Bhagavatha incident, when the mother of Krishna (who knew very well that He was an Incarnation of God and had experienced many leelas and mahimas) asked herself, “Is all this a dream or the deluding strategy of God, or is this the very nature of Divinity?” I quoted the relevant verse from the Bhagavatha of Pothana (in Telugu). I continued, “If the great Mother who gave birth to Lord Krishna is in such desperation, you judge the confusion I am floundering in!”

Today, I have resolved that confusion. I do not ask silly questions. I do not try to find out what law He is breaking and how. When a scientist finds that something happens which cannot be explained or grasped by the laws known already, he just accepts that something that is a not yet known phenomenon. This is how science has grown. So, since what I have seen (and what I am seeing and what shall see hereafter) do not come under any of the known laws of science, I simply enunciate the law that Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba transcends the laws of science and that becomes a law of science.

The scientists put up a lot of show when they are in their laboratories; they talk only reason, they declare they have discovered this new fact, this new law etc. But, every time we have added a little to what we know already, we have also become alive to many other facts which we do not know anything about! While man is adding to his knowledge, he is also adding to his ignorance. The rate at which man is adding to his knowledge is slower than the rate at which he is adding to his ignorance. What is the net result? As time goes on and on, what we know is becoming a smaller and smaller fraction of what exists around and inside us. But, acquiring knowledge is not an end in itself. It is only a pathway to wisdom. And, wisdom – the experience of reality – can be ours, if we sit at the Feet of Baba.

I am one of those who believe that whatever we can borrow from the rest of the world, the advanced nations, we should borrow. You can borrow money, you can borrow food, you can borrow technological know-how, you can borrow experts – but, you cannot borrow character. We cannot borrow what is proclaimed in our scriptures and traditions as the very core of character, belief in the Supreme Being that guides us and guards us from within us. In fact, as Bhagawan has told us, every one of us is God Himself. We can realise in ourselves the highest realisation, the realisation of Reality. This is what gives meaning to life for every one of us.