Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha – Day 6

13 Oct 2013: After yesterday’s Durgashtami, today is Maha Navami, the 9th day of Navaratri celebrations, leading to the culmination of ten-day Dasara with the advent of Vijaya Dasami, tomorrow. The legend has it that Goddess Durga is worshipped on this day as Mahishasura Mardhini, the annihilator of the demon Mahishasura.

This evening, on the 6th day of Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha, there were three speeches followed by Bhagawan’s Divine discourse at Sai Kulwant Hall in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The session commenced at 1640 hrs. with invocatory Vedic chanting by the students of Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam campus.

The speakers were: Ms Sneha Jain from the Anantapur Campus, Sri Bishnu Prasad Joshi and Sri Sandeep Patnaik from the Prasanthi Nilayam campus.

Ms Sneha Jain who spoke first on the theme “The Act Of Life” began with a Japanese inspirational story highlighting the greater importance of positive attitude that takes one to victory. Deliberating on the theme of self-confidence, Sneha spoke of Faith in Swami and Confidence in Swami divulging into the difference between asserting that there is no difference between confidence in Swami and Self-confidence.

Speaking next, on the theme LOVE, Sri Bishnu Prasad Joshi raised a serious concern, blaming the modern-day addiction of FaceBook. “If alone one needs a FaceBook reminder to remember one’s own mother’s birthday, i fear when we opt to live away from our parents we might end up forgetting them” said Joshi raising greater concern about the modern-day addiction. Mother is personfied selfless love and her prayers are always heard, said Joshi mentioning of the various worshipful mothers Swami would often mention posing a question, if our own mother can give such selfless sweet love what it would be, The Love of Beloved Bhagawan, Whose Love is often termed as The Love Of Thousand Mothers.

As if continuing from where the second speaker stopped, Sri Sandeep Patnaik, a Research Scholar from Prasanthi Nilayam campus, began speaking about the unique theme of Journey Of Love that he has been travelling from his childhood in His physical presence. Interspersing his speech with a couple of beautiful primary school incidents involving physical Bhagawan, Sandeep posed a question to the there anything inignificant for the Universal God, however big or small it appears to our finite eyes…

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Bhagawan’s Divine discourse that followed next was on the theme of mind and its vagaries… exhorting one to tread the sacred path of “Prajnana”, the path of greater awareness, to reach The Goal. Secular education confers worldly knowledge while Brahma Vidya, Spiritual eduction confers one with Eternal Bliss,  concluded Bhagawan.

Bhajans contined and ended with Bhagawan singing “Prema Muditha Manase Kaho Rama Rama Ram…” Mangala Arathi was offered at 1805 hrs.

Sri V Srinivasan, All India President of SSSSO, spoke briefly next addressing the august assembly about the super cyclone that hit the Odisha coast last night. The cyclone that was originally rated as “Super Cyclone”, mysteriously halted when it was 90 mts away hitting the Gopalpur coast in Odisha, announced Sri Srinivasan quoting IMD, India Mateorological Department. The mysterious halting subsequently weakened the Super Cylclone to hit Gopalpur at a speed of 200 kms…and as per the latest infomation available the Cyclone has further weakened to a mere 20 km per hour ordinary cyclone.  Rapid Action Force of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations – Andhra Pradesh are moving into Odisha to help the sevadal force over there to help rescue and rehabilitation, added Sri V Srinivasan.

Sri Srinivasan thanked the global fraternity of Sai devotees who responded with selfless prayers to Bhagawan to avert the disaster, as broadcast through Radio Sai.

Earlier in the afternoon, in Poornachandra Autitorium, the three-day Harikatha on “Sri Sathya Sai Avatara Vaibhavam – Sai Bhagavatham”  by Chudamani Raghavendra Rao Bhagawathar continued on its second day today. The Bhagavatam will conclude tomorrow afternoon.

The Karma Yoga, Sri Sathya Sai Grama Seva entered the penultimate day with service in the villages of Kothacheruvu Mandal.The Grama Seva will conclude tomorrow with service to the residents of Prasanthi Nilayam.

Maha Purnahuthi offering of the ongoing Dasara Jnana Saptaha Yajna will also take place tomorrow morning, in the Poornachandra Auditorium.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II