Watch Your Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character and Heart

How poised and diligent are we in dealing with the W-A-T-C-H God has gifted all of us… Bhagawan’s acronym for perfecting our mould to become His bangarus… golden children? Let’s w-a-t-c-h as Sri Jullie Chaudhuri writes about Bhagawan’s W-A-T-C-H…

“Arise, Awake, Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached,” so rang out Swami Vivekananda’s voice.

The journey has just begun.
Countless are the miles, so much work to be accomplished, values to be learnt, a million hearts to be touched, a lot of hunger to be appeased and so much thirst to be quenched…

Bhagawan is a perfect host to the thousands who gather, to have, if only but a glimpse of Him. An example that must, most definitely, be emulated.
Dignity, poise, patience, compassion, generosity and love, love, love…so pure, so boundless!
This ignites a spark of enthusiasm to improve on ourselves, to not only hear, but to listen and carry out what He, the most Beloved One, time and again, exhorts us to.
This spark within needs to be fuelled again and again…to be turned into a raging fire, that impels us to blaze forth…that has us focused and centered on that one goal – that of pleasing the Master and none else…bound by His love…His ethics…His values and nothing else.

Our work, our efforts, our love, our everything should be for Him and only Him, beyond You and I, Your’s and Mine.

Let us give ourselves up to the Divine.
E.G.O. has to Go.
Mind has to die in order to shine bright- a diamond in His hands.

Let us pay heed to the Divine siren and start a `Sai-run’- a run towards our Beloved Bhagawan and His message…

To live the Lord’s message,
We have to act now,
In this, His Divine play,
We have to perform,
And perform well somehow,
Time is always in a hurry to fly by,
Time can make you laugh, time can make you cry,
A lot of time wasted in frivolous talk,
Unknown, most times, is the direction in which we walk,
Ever so often uncontrollable is the monkey mind,
A steady character is a hard find,
Let us give our time to the One who gave us life,
To the One who sees us through joy and strife,
Let us watch our time and time our watch with a focused start,
Let us Watch our Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character and Heart.

Each alphabet of W A T C H, when put into practice in a befitting manner, gets a response from the other.
When the words are humble…the actions are right…the thoughts are noble… the character is steady and the heart is pure…as it should be, we perfect our mould and we become His ‘bangaru’ – His gold.

Humble Words- W

A – Right Actions

Noble Thoughts- T

C – Steady Character

Pure Heart- H

Whichever order you apply it, the link remains constant and the response from self and others will never be a let down. For when you are ready and willing, the Master steps in to hold your hand and guide you through.
So come now, let us take the first step…then Wait, WATCH, Experience and Become…what He wants us to.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II