Soar Like A Lark

Those who are devoted to Sri Sathya Sai may please pause for a while, to remind themselves of the glory and ecstasy that His Name can bring into their world, writes Dr Keki Mistry from Mumbai urging man to arise, awake and soar like a lark…

We totter and grope in the dark
In the mire of ignorance; we flounder,
Instead of soaring like a lark!
Come, arise, awake, falter not,
For, He is here; why fear? He is so near!
Tune up the heart; cleanse the mind;
Brush the cobwebs away.
The Grace, ever-present, doth flow—
-O, take it in, my thirsty friend.
We can hear the Flute of the Lord;
Why care for lesser joys?
Let the Lotus bloom;
Dance, O, Dance to the music of His Name.
The Name so fragrant, sweet and pure;
From millions of tongues It echoes soft,
From millions of hearts its pulse-beats rise.
O, the Glory and the Ecstasy
His Name can bring!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II