Mother’s Love Excels All…

Undoubtedly the most exalted Mother on Earth, Mother Easwaramma, Who was chosen by the Divine Himself to be His ‘Chosen Mother’, She is much more than a pleasant memory for them, who know the Mother…rather She is ever an elated decorous memory for everyone in Sai fraternity… With her unbounded love for Her Divine Child, She exemplified herself as the most exalted of the Divine Mothers in the history of Avatars… a beautiful anecdote showing the mother’s attachment towards her Son Divine…shared by Ms Bikkina Veera Nagamani… (The author rendered service in the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital until her merger at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet in June 2013).

After the conclusion of the World Conference, we left Mumbai with Swami’s blessings and permission to visit Shirdi en route to Parthi. Swami returned to Parthi on 11th June and on 13th June He gave us all Padanamaskar and Vibhuti Prasadam because He was once again leaving Parthi to go to Bengaluru that day. So, along with Dr. Jayalakshmi I went upstairs to Swami’s dining room to seek His permission for us to follow Him to Bengaluru. To Dr. Jayalakshmi’s verbal request He gave a verbal affirmative reply. I sought His permission with a mute look of appeal and He too indicated His assent with a look. Two days later, I went to Brindavan along with Pedda Bottu, an old devotee who had known and had been with Swami’s previous Shirdi form.

At Brindavan, Swami told me to stay inside the Mandir along with Mother Easwaramma and other ladies. Swami had His food in the company of some male devotees in the dining room while the ladies were served food in the adjoining verandah. Swami would finish His food in about two minutes and then would come to the verandah to talk to the Mother. One night, He said in a most casual manner that He was going on a visit to Africa. And as He did so often to tease her, He remarked that in that strange land lions and tigers roamed about as freely as dogs do in our country. That really scared her and she pleaded with Him to give up the idea. Swami only laughed at her fears and then to divert her attention told her that gold was extremely cheap in Africa.

That night, Mother Easwaramma had no sleep for Swami’s proposed visit to a land full of wild beasts preyed on her mind. A few days later, Swami once again spoke of His intended visit to Africa and said that His Mumbai devotees were making preparations to give Him a grand send-off on the occasion of His first ever visit abroad. They were constructing an arch with 108 lotus-like structures adorning it. Realising that Swami was definitely going to this far away land despite her protests, Mother Easwaramma asked to be allowed to go with Him as far as Mumbai. Swami said, “We will see,” in a non-committal fashion, but she was not satisfied with that response. As the day of His departure to Mumbai drew near, she once again voiced her wish. Aware of her feelings, and ready to comply with her wish, Swami still did not say yes. He said, “But who will bring you back from Mumbai? Wait, let us ask Java.” So saying, He went in for His breakfast and as we waited outside for Him to come out, there came Smt. Java herself. She greeted Mother Easwaramma and noticing the look on her face asked what the matter was. I asked Mother Easwaramma if I might say what it was and she nodded her agreement. When I told her the problem, Smt. Java was quite willing to accompany her and when Swami came out told Him the same. Swami looked at the Mother and said, “So, you asked her already?” Smt. Java said, “No Swami, she did not tell me,” but Swami said, “You should not tell lies.”

So, Mother Easwaramma accompanied Swami as far as Mumbai and after Swami left Mumbai for East Africa, her anxiety for His safety left her sleepless. She ate nothing and would not even drink water until a telegram came announcing His safe arrival in East Africa. Until His return to India, she spent a very anxious and restless time and appeared to have lost her appetite. Though He is the Lord and Master of all the worlds, He was her son and it was a mother’s love that she had towards Him always. She addressed Him like all others as Swami though and had the highest regard for His words, scrupulously disciplining her life in accordance with His wishes.

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II