The Agony Of The Avatar…

Students are the very foundation of the nation. To make the foundation strong, the people, the government, the parents, the teachers, and the students all have to co-ordinate their plans and efforts. These five elements, these five vital forces have to work together towards the end…says Bhagawan. It is no secret that Bhagawan often cherishes and takes great personal pride in declaring His students as His ‘Real Property’. The Divine in His persona has set a higher benchmark for this most privileged lot. What does He expect from ‘His Properties’ whom He often refers to as future leaders? Read on an extract from Sanathana Sarathi published in July 1983, originally taken from the book “The Greatest Adventure” by Late Dr. M.V.N.Murthy, to find His greater expectations on His ‘White Army’.

The other day, Bhagawan spoke to a student of His College who had just finished his examinations and was leaving for Madras (now Chennai) to spend the holidays with his parents. “Beautiful lotus flowers bloom in the pond. The frogs in the pond do not enjoy the fragrance and the nectar; they hop, leap and croak. Bees know the fragrance and the sweetness of the nectar; they come in swarms from afar. The frog uses the lotus as a perch! You do not realise what a blessing it is to be near to Swami. Look at all these persons who come to Swami from far off places!…” said Bhagawan.

The boy was standing next to me; so, I could see the expression on Bhagawan’s face and also sensed the ‘anguish’ underneath those words. Surely they were not meant for him alone. There were other boys within hearing and many elders. It was meant for all. He came near the boy and said, “Come back early. Have you applied for admission to the post graduate class? Come in time for the admission test. Bring your brother’s son too for joining the primary school.”

Here was the Lord, the Avatar of the Age, the Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, speaking so intimately, so affectionately to His students, asking them not to miss the chance of continuing to be under His loving care.

What amazed me was the `agony’ of the Avatar, the ‘anguish’ born out of extraordinary love. I had heard Him declare repeatedly, “If you ask Me, I would say, students are My property. I have no other property.” His efforts to establish educational institutions, to equip them with the best; the Love and care He bestows on teachers and the students are evidences of His concern for the future of this great country; and of a world on the brink of a disaster.

Baba’s unspoken message was, “O! Dear children! I Am doing so much for your sake. I need no gain or dread any loss. You are all potentially Divine, Amritasya Putrah, Children of Immortality. You have the capability to become Madhava, Master of Maya. Why do you love to be just puny little men?” He told the boy from Madras, “Be near Swami. Everything will be added to you.”

The feeling of ‘agony’ is adopted by the Personality of the Avatar to awaken our faith. If Bhagawan sometimes pretends anger, that too is born out of His Love; He expresses ‘sorrow’ and ‘disappointment’ that all His boys do not realise what they are missing. He has nothing but their highest good in His Mind.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II