A day in darshan line…awaiting His arrival…receiving Him…watching Him through…enjoying every bit of His Presence…and every extra bit coming from Him as Supreme Grace… When you watch Him without realising Him…without going deep to understand His full potency…you are tempted to take it most casually… but when you make yourself aware with the thought that He is the One Who is the Source behind everything…Who is the Light behind all lights…Who is the One Who has neither any beginning nor an end…and at Whose Feet all the millions of Brahmands end up…you will end up with welling gratitude…yes, for all that He has given…is giving and is assured for future…we need to be Grateful…!!! …a poem by GB, Australia…


I saw A Man…

His Voice was sweet, like Nectar,

(When it flows!)

And, when He spoke, the words fell, soft,

Like dew‑drops on a Rose;

His step was firm where’er He walked…

His Foot‑prints… shining‑bright,

And, tho’ gentle was His Touch,

He was A Man of Might!


And, like A Halo round His Head,

He wore His coal‑black hair;

And Love, just like a sweet Bouquet,

Was offered everywhere!

He brought a new un‑clouded

View unto my human‑eyes,

And, tho’ I knew not whence He came,

I knew The Man was Wise!


The graceful Robe, around His Form,

caressed Him…

Like a Flame,

And then, I learned from a passer‑by,

`Sai Baba’ was His Name!


I sat among the growing throng…

And, eagerly, I sought to understand

His mystery…

That filled my every thought;

I saw Him heal an ailing child…


And, soon…

The Name of ‘Sathya Sai’ was chanted,


And, silent, as a passing breeze,

And bare‑of‑foot… He trod,

And ‘something’ whispered in my soul

“This is not Man… BUT GOD!”


The years have passed on restless wings,

And, strong; the Bond remains…

And, when I cannot understand,

He silently explains!


There is no ‘goal’ I can’t achieve…

No load I cannot bear

As long as (in my human way!)

I see His Footsteps there!

His Smile is Something

I recall with tenderness …. and awe!

For me… He spreads a Shining Path,

And opens every door…



I kneel in Gratitude,

As tear‑drops fill my eye,

And, whisper‑soft, I speak the words


II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II