Sai Baba: The Lantern Lighter in Latvia

The Poem, Sai Baba: The Lantern Lighter in Latvia was written by Mirdza Bendrupe, a Latvian poet, which was published in Sanathana Sarathi, September 1983 issue. This is the English translation of the original poem that appeared in the Latvian Journal, Giteratura un moksla. Sending the poem for Sanathana Sarathi, in 1983, Mrs. Rasme Rositas, a Latvian who lived in Germany wrote “I am sending you here something from the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Republic of Latvia there are already devotees of Swami. One devotee, a famous poet, wrote a poem (entitled “A Dream”) about Swami and it was published in March this year in the most popular newspaper in Latvia. In a communist newspaper! One of Swami’s miracles!”


Kind, strange dreams appear:

Last night a lantern lighter visited me

in poppy red clothes.

Sitting down opposite me, he laughed heartily

at my astonishment.

“Forgive,” I stammered, “I only remembered…

Wait …forgive…how come you are?

How come you could come, could enter?

You lived in ancient times

For ages you’ve rested in the sands!”

“I was there, yes, there, but I did not remain,­—

You must have called me, if I’ve come…

I’ll tell you something: in bygone days

never could I stay

until at least in one homestead

all lanterns had been lit when evening came!”

“But where do you live? What is your name?”

My guest is laughing: “Since those days of long ago

I’ve had many names…

Let’s say, today my name is Sai Baba.

I live beyond thousand and one waters.

Only, you see, I have such a restless nature.

I’m wandering around to watch

that all lanterns, hearts and minds

are lit when evening comes.”

“Don’t go yet please, don’t leave me.”

“If I’m called, I come…”

…Why did I wake so sad from the dream, from this magic!

The lantern lighter,

His noble vocation

In my mind days and nights.

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II