Ananya Bhakti…

How many of us do get immersed in the melodic, enchanting music of Sai Krishna’s flute, completely intoxicated, forgetting our own selves??? Bhagawan narrates the essence of true, unparalleled devotion…Ananya Bhakthi… From Bhagawan’s Divine discourse at Abbotsbury, Chennai, on 19 Jan 1986.

A Gopika once asked Radha how she felt when she saw Krishna, how her heart responded, what transformation occurred in her and what joy she experienced. Radha replied: “The moment I hear the melodious flute of Krishna, my heart becomes still, and I forget myself when I learn that Krishna is coming. I am lost in the music of His flute and I am aware of nothing else. How can I describe to you my feelings when I am intoxicated by the magic of His melody?”

The God intoxicated devotee cannot describe his blissful experience in words. One who attempts to express it, has no real experience of it at all.

Those who regard themselves as devotees should recognise the vast difference between their narrow minded attitude and the ineffable character of true devotion. They should resolve to shed all their petty attachments and develop steadfast devotion to God as the main object of their life. For this purpose, the company of the good is essential. Good thoughts are promoted only through association with the good. This means avoiding contact with the evil minded and the unrighteous. Association with bad persons makes even a good person bad. There are classic examples of the evil consequences of association with the bad. Kaikeyi in the Ramayana and Dharmaraja in the Mahabharata are examples of persons who suffered grievously because of their association with evil minded persons Manthara in the case of Kaikeyi and the Kauravas in the case of Dharmaraja.

Everyone must strive to fill the heart with true devotion. Constant contemplation on the form of the Lord and frequent repetition of the Lord’s name are the means by which the heart is filled with the love of God. When there is this love, the devotee is filled with inexpressible ecstasy. It was out of such ecstasy that Kulasekhara Alwar, the royal saint, exclaimed: “Oh Lord! People talk of Moksha as the means of redeeming life and getting rid of birth and death. I do not ask for such redemption. I shall be content with loving you and serving you in countless lives. Allow me to love you and serve you that is the only blessing I seek from you and not Moksha.”

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II