Yes, I Am The Cosmic Christ

Peggy Mason is a well known name in Sai circles…she was an actress in her young days, and a well-known writer later. During the second half of her life, she had been writing on spiritual and metaphysical themes, for renowned journals like Two Worlds. She and her husband Ron are spirit-minded and past seventy, they both came to India, to see Bhagawan in 1978.

At the first private interview the Masons had, Baba materialized a rosary of 108 crystal beads and put it around Peggy’s neck. He also produced a Baba ring and put it to Ron’s finger. He let the aged couple to embrace Him, and spent almost a full hour with them, speaking kindly and enlightening them on many spiritual points. Man and wife were overwhelmed with His vast love. The realization that Baba was God they had been seeking for years gave them the ecstasy of spiritual joy. They were satisfied that their journey to India, so difficult at their age, had been more than fully rewarded. After that, they had many more private interviews with Baba, each one as thrilling as any other. How did the Masons come to merit such Grace? Some years ago, Peggy got ill. She felt great pain in her left leg, and was unable to walk more than a few yards at a time. Her doctor advised a major operation. He did not guarantee a cure by the operation; on the contrary, he told her frankly that, if it failed, her legs would have to be amputated.

Peggy had a photograph of Baba, which she had cut out from an issue of Psychic News. It was always on the table by her bed. One night after the doctor’s advice, she sat contemplating on the photo. The photo suddenly jumped up an inch or so, to one side and back again. When it did so, a glimmer of light fell over the table with a strange iridescence. Peggy had the above experience on many following nights. Meantime, the pain in Peggy’s leg was getting worse. One night, when it became unbearable, she cried out: “Oh, Baba, I wish you could do something about my leg!” The next day, Peggy got a copy of the book, Sai Baba and the Psychiatrist. She was looking at the picture of Baba in it, when her telephone rang. A man’s voice came through: “I’m ringing on behalf of Swami Ganesha Ananda. She is very much interested in your writings, and would like to meet you.” Peggy told the caller that the Swami was welcome to her place any time.

Three weeks later, Swami Ganesha Ananda came. She said she lived some fifteen miles away. She appeared to be a well-travelled person, and said that she had been to India and seen Sathya Sai Baba. And, quite simply, she gave Peggy a packet of Vibhuthi which she said would cure Peggy’s ailment. Peggy rubbed the Vibhuthi to the paining leg regularly every day, and prayed before Baba’s picture. In a few days, she was cured of the pain in her, leg, so well that she could dance all night at a ball. This established the Masons in their faith for Baba. They made a continuous study of Baba, reading all the available books on Him and questioning people who had seen Him. Before long, the desire which had been growing in their hearts to see Baba with their own eyes became uncontrollable and they had to come to Prasanthi Nilayam.

The Masons knew that Jesus Christ had said: “I and my father are One. He will come.” At the last interview they had with Baba before leaving for their home, Ron asked Baba: “Are you the Cosmic Christ of Whom Jesus spoke?” Baba’s answer was instantaneous, and simple, “Yes.” The way He said it, the way He looked straight into Ron’s eyes while saying it, was enough to convince Ron, and Peggy too. They now say: “We are all very fortunate to have Him, the Cosmic Christ, with us, moving about like an ordinary man, giving us the chance to hear Him speak, sing and laugh. We are indeed blessed!”

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II