Celebrating 14 years of holistic medicare…

On 19 January, 2001, Bhagawan launched the second of the twin ‘Temples Of Healing’ in presence of Prime Minister Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee, a role model medical institution to serve the needy – Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Medical Sciences, Whitefield, Bangalore.

Fourteen years since, SSSIHMS – Whitefield has served countless hapless ‘souls’ providing holistic medicare, absolutely free of cost.

Commemorating the 14th anniversary, staffers from the Institution presented a special offering on the incredible saga of the role model hospital this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

‘We have heard man building temples for God, but this is the story of God constructing ‘temple’ for man,’ echoed the ‘voice of the hospital’ introducing the beautiful evening of reminiscence of stories and experiences from hearts full of gratitude.

Bringing the ‘illustrious’ story to light once again, the presentators, to begin with, strolled down the memory-lane to the bright and ‘decisive’ Sunday morning in May 1999, when Bhagawan along with one of the Trust members went for a stroll, with a mission to find a suitable location for the proposed hospital. The storyline continued with the ‘miraculous’ story of evolution of a Divine ‘Sankalpa’ into a Reality. The narration that followed next illustrated intricate, interesting tales of Bhagawan’s touch… the selection of the architects, the 75-ft ‘story’ of the dome for the hospital, K-shaped hospital with plenty of light and ventillation, Bhagawan’s innumerable visits during the construction phase – Divinely ‘overseeing the work-in-progress, mind-boggling engineering complications to finally to the D-Day, 19 Jan 2001, the day of dedication by Bhagawan’s Divine Hands.

Dr EV Joshi, HOD, Neuro Sciences spoke next presenting a real life story of one of the neuro patients portraying the ‘undying spirit’ in the field of medicare. Dr Joshi went on narrating the story of rehabilitation of Ms Pushpavathi from Mandya district of Karnataka, a hapless neuro patient who was discarded by her husband’s family after his passing away in an accident. Pushapathi then spoke in naive Kannada, narrating her ‘thrilling’ story of miraculous recovery.

As the narration continued, next Sri MS Umesh Rao and Ms Gita Umesh Rao, a dedicated couple, who run the Counselling Department at the hospital shared the ideology behind the mission,  ‘Counselling – The Sai Way’ proving a ‘calm balm’ to thousands of patients.

Listing out Love, Compassion, Empathy and Understanding being the vital cords in counselling, as ‘enlightened’ by Bhagawan Himself, the couple then briefed about operational aspects of the unique ‘mission’ serving countless patients.

Love is the essence of Divinity and Experiential Learning is the essence of counselling, narrated the couple, introducing one of their patients from Kolkota, Ms Payal Karmakar to speak of her tale of psychological recovery.

Addressing next, Dr Swarna Bharadwaj, Director at SSSIHMS, said, “we have not come here to sing the glory of our work, but to praise our Source Of Inspiration.” Dr Swarna Bharadwaj then read out the highlights of the Annual Report for 2014, bringing in some interesting facets of achievement. Newsletter from the hospital, Mano Hruday, was then offered at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet.

Even as ‘gratitude ‘reminscence’ galore’ continued, Dr Kumaran, a senior Surgeon with the Cardiac section spoke of his professional and personal experiences narrating how the skeptic beginner in him was turned into a staunch believer, by Bhagawan touch of transformation.

Last speaker for the session was Dr Zareena from Dept of Radiology. Recalling her entry into the portals of the hallowed institution, Dr Zareena averred with a firm voice that she is now a transformed person, as, at SSSIHMS, she sees the suffering turns into healing, where all are welcome sans any barrier. Gratefully Dr Zareena, a pass out from NIMHANS before joining the SSSIHMS acknowledged, of her feeling of being an integral part of the Sai Family, with Bhagawan guiding her holding her by Hand.

The programme was interspersed with soulful singing, “Dayaku Premaku…”, “Every Moment Of My Life Be With Me….” to end with a final song in unison, “Manushini Madhavuni  Cheya…” Sarvasree Chandrasekhar and Karthik along with Dr Prayag Kini compeered the show effectively, piecing together the multi-faceted story most efficiently.

Bhajans continued and ended with Mangala Arathi at 1910 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II