Defending Mother India…

India, the magical land of great spiritual inheritance, is hailed by Bhagawan umpteen times, teaching the students and devotees of the greater glory of Motherland India. How Bhagawan delivered a ‘pep talk, a Divine discourse to the Army personnel at Army Service Corps Centre for South India, raising the spirits of the warriors, blessing them with Divine Assurance of victory for every Truthful… Righteous attempt in the name of Mother India…!?!?!? Extracted from Bhagawan’s Divine discourse on Jan 5, 1973.

India is a land, dedicated to Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love; you are dedicated to the service of the Motherland, to defend her and preserve her independence. This is in accordance with the ancient in­junction, Matru Devo Bhava—Revere the Mother as you would revere God. You are ready and prepared to sacrifice even your lives in her service, whatever others may do or may not do. I Am glad your devotion is so strong and so sincere. Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love—these are the four pillars on which the mansion of happiness, here and hereafter, is built. India too must build her happiness on these columns only. They are the real supports of India, of India’s security, prosperity and glory. We have forgotten this truth; we have neglected the foundation; hence, all this suffering today.

God will always be with you in your struggle for the defense of this land. From within you, He will be guiding and inspiring you, to dis­charge your duty. Truth is God, and Work is Worship. By unselfish Service, strict adherence to Duty, and dedication to the cause of Peace you are promoting the welfare of India and of all humanity. The Mahabharata War is a good example of the guidance that God grants when righteousness defends itself against the forces of evil. Krishna was the very heart of the Pandava Body! Dharmaja, the eldest of the Five Brothers was the Head; Bhima, the second brother, was the Stomach; Arjuna, the third, was the Arms; Nakula and Sahadeva, the twins, were the Legs—and Krishna was the Heart. God will not merely speak and guide from the heart; He will Himself be the Heart, provided you pray to Him to bless you so.

We achieve Peace and Joy, only through sacrifice. Giving yields more joy than grasping. Since you are all prepared for the highest sacrifice, you are genuine Sons of Bharat. Many do not realise the joy that can be derived from un­selfishness; they waste their years and their lives in the pursuit of selfish ends. They are so conceited that they do not revere parents, elders, the saints and the sages. They do not invoke the grace of God through prayer. As a result, India is leav­ing off its age‑old traditions and taking on new fashions and patterns of behaviour, thus landing people in misery.

The body is referred to in the Gita as Kshetram, that is to say, a holy place where God is installed. Kasi is a Kshetram, Bhadrachalam is a Kshetram. The body‑kshetram is Dharmakshetram as well as Kuru­kshetram, the abode of Righteous­ness and of Activity. God in the Kshetram Is The Kshetrajna, the Sivam without Whom the body is but savam or corpse. Therefore, be ever aware of the God Who Is The Real `you’, and seek solace, sus­tenance and guidance from Him through prayer.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II