“Hum Ko Thum Sey Pyaar Kithna…” Echoe Former Students…

Coining together rich virtues learnt at the Lotus Feet, reflecting inherent talents nurtured by Bhagawan, former students of SSSIHL assembled at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Prasanthi Nilayam this evening reflecting and resounding their unbounded love for Beloved Mother Sai. The Master Who has a unique ‘taste for test’ has often ‘tested His folks for their tastes’, bringing forth rich innate talents. Every New Year, when the Alumni return to the portals, they bring back this rich bunch of talents as a token of gratitude for their Beloved Swami.

This evening’s session commenced at 1630 hrs. with a procession of flag bearers, escorting Bhagawan’s palanquin, to the backdrop of Veda chanting. The procession emerged from the main entrace went round the Mandir, offering Pranams to Bhagawan at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

University Brass Band is unique and indispensible in every major function in Prasanthi Nilayam. Pooling together talents from yester years, the Alumni Brass Band then offered a unique musical offering producing some scintillating numbers. Themed after Lord Shiva, the presentation began with a fusion number on Shiva Panchakshari. A couple of Bhajans followed next, played with western blend. The programme was interspersed with recountals of rich memoirs, often going down the memory lane.

A short pause ensued, as the alumni made a beeline to the Sanctum Sanactorum placing their special offerings at the Divine Lotus Feet. New Year Cake, Latest volumes of ‘Bridge Across Time’ (Bhajan CD), Vidyullekha – Quarterly Newsletter by the Alumni for the Alumni, Reports on various service projects being undertaken by the Alumni worldwide etc. were placed at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet.

A Video Presentation ensued next, titled after Bhagawan’s Old Mandir, popularly known as Patha Mandiram. It was 70 years ago, on Dec 14, 1945, that Bhagawan, for the first time, moved into the Patha Mandiram. The presentation with rare old footages coupled with commentary attempted to portray the ‘formative’ years of the Sathya Sai Avatar. The ‘video’ with fascinating ‘black and white’ tales of young Sai and His then surroundings endedon a high note, with an Arathi offering to Bhagawan, the first Arathi song… “Paavana Purusha Sayeesha… Saashtaanga Sharanam Sayeesha…”.

Illustrating the ever-inspiring-transforming tale of a Sai student, the grateful students then presented the final programme for the evening, a Dance Drama entitled “Premamrutham”.

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Set against the backdrop of Vaikunta, with Lord Vishnu narrating the story of a Sathya Sai Student to the foursome, Hanuman, Jambavan, Narada and Kanishka, the presentation was studded with real life incidents at the hostel, telling the tale of transformation through His mysterious Hands, done in His most inimitable fashion. Abhay, the protagonist with a modern background, was a fresher in the hostel. Finding his going tough, with strict rules and time table much against his background, Abhay decided to ‘call it a day’ . God has His own plans and He does His it in His inimitable fashion.  Developments next was puzzling and embarassing for the ‘raw’ youngster, yet transformative. Bhagawan did it in His own style and Abhay was a transformed youngster, from a ‘raw’ stuff to an ‘Ideal Sai Student’.

The process is painful but the product is beautiful recounted Lord Vishnu, that stands testimony to the All-Knowing-Almighty’s plan in moulding His students. …And all the Sadhana a student need to do is to follow the hostel rules diligently. Rightly, life with Sathya Sai does not run by logic, but with love… and an ever grateful Abhay, the protagonist, finally chose to serve the world as a well-moulded Sai student, taking His message across, by being an ideal Sai students, making his life His message.

The presentation served a timely New Year reminder to the fraternity and the devotees in general of the need to be an ideal, following His footsteps.  Presented with a mix of videos and real acting, the drama had a scintillating Shiva dance, to the tune of the famous song “Bho Shambho Shiva Shambho…”. The beautiful offering came to a close with the song “Humko Tumse Pyaar Kithna…”, Prasanthi’s evergreen song of Divine Romance.

Bhajans continued and ended Bhagawan singing “Govinda Krishna Jai…”. Mangala Arathi at 1920 hrs. marked the end of the beautiful evening’s proceedings.

Even as the assembly set to disperse, a  collective refrain ‘WE LOVE YOU SWAMI’ echoed the Prasanthi precincts… Sai students’ unique style of spelling out their Love… in loud and clear fashion.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II