Watch Your Thoughts…

Man, a rare species with the faculty to think and discriminate, often fails to look within, to view his inner personality, examining the dark side of his own thoughts. Does time spent in examining one’s own thoughts mean wasting precious life time? …or is it a worthwhile exercise?…Sri Shyam Juwale from Mumbai shares his thoughts based on invaluable tips received from Bhagawan…

Thoughts come and go. This is a continu­ous process which goes on in every human mind from birth to death. No gap is left in between two thoughts. Very seldom do we wait and examine our own thoughts. Think­ing about our own thoughts really gives us an opportunity to look to our own image in our own mind. We are accustomed to look at our physical form in a mirror but we neglect to see the inner personality in our own mind. This is so because we are ashamed to examine the dark side of our own thoughts. I honestly feel that this is exactly where we need the divine guidance of Bhagawan Baba.

I first met Bhagawan Baba at Brindavan, Bangalore, on May 27, 1963. I personally consider this day as the most precious day of my life. It is Baba Who first threw light on the weak side of my mind and gave me valuable instructions to improve the thoughts which are responsible for building up one’s career. Baba said that the time spent in examining our own thoughts does not mean wasting a valuable part of our precious life, but it really means we are testing our mind for our own good. He further advised me not to commit any mistake in this regard; the word `MISTAKE’ consists of two words, viz. ‘MIS’ (miss) and ‘TAKE’. He continued His advice and smilingly said that wherever and whenever we “miss” something, we necessar­ily have to “take” the consequence thereof. What a fine lesson for us human beings who generally never think about our thoughts.

The interview on that day which lasted about an hour gave me a new look towards my personal life. I became conscious of the purpose of human life and attempted to do every little action with great care remember­ing Baba from moment to moment. I really find both pleasure and peace when I mentally get His Divine association. All cannot get Baba’s physical presence all through, but everybody can ensure His Omnipresence in one’s own heart by always keeping it unsul­lied and pure. His image is wiped out from there only when unworthy thoughts peep therein. In this respect it is my humble experience that when the mind takes refuge in the void between two thoughts, the heavenly joy that I get can never be found anywhere. For this valuable experience, one should be able to see or locate where one thought ends and the other is yet to begin. It is exactly like resting the mind in between the recital of two Omkars.

Finally, I am of the opinion that the treas­ury of noble thoughts that one possesses is more precious than any other treasure in the world. One should be ever vigilant to allow only noble thoughts in the mind, strictly refusing entry to all bad thoughts. When one carries out this hard and difficult task, one can adhere to the following advice which Bhagawan Baba gives in His discourses and personal interviews very often:

Be Good, Do Good and See Good. This is the way to God.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II