Who is an Ideal Sai devotee???

Who is an ideal Sai devotee and what are the attributes a Sai devotee suppose to have?  ..while many of us aspire to tag our names with the title ‘Sai devotee’, it is worth peeping into Bhagawan’s ‘own’ words, describing and defining an ‘ideal one’, via a letter to a ‘devotee’, as published in Sanathana Sarathi, October 1964.

Moksha is the final goal of man; that is why he is endowed with Vijnana, the special capacity to analyse and synthesise experience. The Upanishads declare “Jnanadevathu Kaivalyam”. (Kaivalyam-through Jnana only)

For those who yearn to be saved, Sai Namam is the Sanjeevini, the potent drug. Those who have the Name ever on their tongues must be vigilant so that egoism and the sense of possession (Aham-karam and Mama-karam) do not rob them of the fruits of Sadhana. Really, man is Jnanaswarupa. Since the beginning of Time, man has deluded himself into believing that the world is true and eternal. He is himself basically Divine; but, through the influence of the fundamental delusion, he deceives himself into the belief that he is the doer, the sufferer, the beneficiary, the enjoyer etc. So, he is born again and again as a result of this attachment and is subjected to the buffetings of duality. He is drifting about in the sea of Samsara.

Sathyaanveshana, the search for Truth ought to be the Nitya Kritya of Sai bhaktas, their daily activity. Prema ought to become their Swabhava, their very Nature. Bhava-shuddhi is more important for them than Bahya-adambara, external finery. Be convinced that the Viswa is the Visweswaraswarupa Itself; look upon every object as suffused with Divinity, as Divine Itself. For, that is the Truth.

Again, be engaged in acts that endow every moment of your life with holiness and the fragrance of sanctity. That is the true worship of “He Who Is Time Itself”, the Kala-Swarupa.

It is not through their words or their songs that persons are judged as Sai bhaktas!   Deeds must be good and correct; that makes the Sai bhakta. That gives joy to Sai. I like the purity of the feelings and emotions. Pravartana or Practice must be Pavitra, Pure. Do Right and Speak Right… Do not do wrong and speak of Right Conduct! If you do not act the advice you give others, you are insulting the Name of Sai, that you have taken.

Give up show, finery, and exhibitionism. Let your eyes be as soft and cool as moonlight, heart as soft as butter, words as sweet as honey. These should be the real characteristics of the Sai bhakta. Sai’s Reality is Samartha Prema; Sai Drishti is Samanjasa Prema. Those who are saturated with these two types of Prema are the true Sai bhaktas.

Instead, if you cavil at others, if you hold forth your own pride, and if you struggle to gather riches, you become exiles from the Lord, and stray away from the spiritual path. The Lord does not care for objects; He cares for the subjective wealth of Prema.  Sai bhaktas must have full conviction of this.

Remember, the best way to promote your own peace and the peace of the world is to live in Truth and Love, through every act of your life. That will be Ramarajya indeed.

You must have the vision appropriate to the Universal Love characteristic of True Bhakti.  Have the Prema-maya-netra; then, the world will be for you, truly Brahmamaya.

Serve Sai—not with vratas, processions, puja, ritual, abhisheka and the paraphernalia of Mantras but, with Sat-Karma, Sat-Achara, and Sat-Vakya…good deeds, good conduct and good words.  Serve Sai thus: Sai loves these most; that is the Truth of Sai.

With blessings


II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II