Call Him out in distress…call Him out in happiness…call Him out at all times…Call Him out from a sincere heart…He is there to listen…respond…and hasten… as experienced by Ms Ruth from the US.. who called out for that ‘somebody’ seeking out in deep distress… as explained by Muriel J Engle, Santa Barbara, USA. From Sanathana Sarathi, Feb 1973.

Ruth has never seen Baba in the physical. She was very skeptical in the beginning about Baba; but, latterly, she has come very cautiously to know and feel close to Him. She has a teaching job in Mexico, but, comes back and forth to USA, because she had some serious health problems.

When she is in Santa Barbara, she comes regularly to our Bhajans, on Thursday nights.
She has turned more and more to Baba as the Lord.

She was having a bout with periods of extreme pain, for several days. One evening, in her little room, she suffered terrible pain, and was so discouraged that she cried out, “O’ for some one to help me! Any one! Why am I suffering thus? What shall I do? O‘ help!”

After the first outcry, the rest was an inner scream! She was hollering as if in an Echo Chamber! “Somebody! Come! Help! O’ will no one come?”

Suddenly, a gentle touch on her arm! She stopped short. She turned, and there stood Baba, beside her bed.

Baba said quietly, “Don’t shout so! I’m right here”!

The awareness of His presence calmed her. She drifted off to sleep. She awoke, with no pain.

Baba’s presence is everywhere, regardless of time and space.