“We Love You Swami… More Than Our Lives…” echoed His students…

Studentship at Bhagawan’s University is the most enviable reward a youngster with a progressive and spiritual bend of mind could ever dream of. Charged up and ready to step out, it is never easy for these young ambassadors to part from this Home away from home… and from these painful, yet cherished moments come expressions of gratitude galore, love unsullied.

Hiring the student fraternity’s collective theme for the epochal 90th Year Of His Advent, as promoted during the Annual Sports & Cultural Meet, “White & Orange – The Immortal Bond Of Love”, taking their turn, the Post Graduate students of SSSIHL, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus presented a gratitude evening today here at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Prasanthi Nilayam.

When love fills and fulfills, with all the nostalgic memories outpouring from within, of the priceless memories of the Beloved Mother’s physical presence, no hearts can ever withstand the torrential stream from within but let it out as tears of Love & Gratitude.

This evening was no different with the passing out batch of postgraduate students bursting into melodies, poetic expressions, expressions of experiences of His Love, band music and so on… attempting to describe the most indescribable, in their own ‘heartificial’ language.

“Swami, we have known You in the sweetest way a devotee may know God…” Beginning the programme with this highly-exalted-statement, the students then poured their hearts out recollecting and reminding themselves of the Multifaceted Sai, Who adorned varied roles, of Loving Mother, of Caring Father, of the Best Known Friend, sharing the Story Of “White & Orange”. With varied hearts bursting into spilling love, spelling ‘it’ out in different tongues, in interludes came beautiful renditions… notable one being “Maa…Oh Maa…Maaaa… Sai Maa…  soothing and elevating many hearts to the nostalgic days of Bhagawan ‘in the midst’. Adding to the glitter of music and reminiscence, members of the Prasanthi Nilayam Band also presented a short range of scintillating tunes.

Bringing the curtains down for the wonderful evening of nostalgic love, the students then repeated a prayer – to light up the world with the lamp of light Sai has lit in them, ending with an oath of love “We Love You Swami… More Than Our Lives…” pledging themselves to serve the world, following Him… His dictum, per word, ‘to Be Good… to Do Good… to See Good…’  In the setting twilight, the troupe holding glittering candles, appeared like shining stars in the galaxy, Sai’s own super stars for a bright tomorrow…  A loud refrain, “We Love You Swami” echoed the precincts, and the curtains came down.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II