Listen To Your Heart…

Reminiscing the beauty of Divine Darshan, commemorating the Ultimate Divine Darshan – Thus Far…, when we introspect, we can listen our own whisper from the heart within, telling us that, “If life is one long day, Sunset is as yet far, far away…” a direct reply from our Beloved Bhagawan, reaffirming that The Era Of Sri Sathya Sai Is On… Read on a beautiful poem from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri commemorating 25th March 2011′s Ultimate Divine Darshan – Thus Far…

I gazed up at the star studded, dark velvet sky,
Deeply pondering about Beloved Mother Sai,
It was midnight,
24th March 2015 was stepping aside,
The year slipping had an immense lot to abide,
I beseeched these twinkling wonders,
‘What message are you transmitting to me,
Along with all that celestial vivacity?’

Ah! Did I just hear a soft reply?
“Listen to your heart,
What is outside actually originates from within,
The answer lies in there,
Listen to your heart,
That’s what you must do,
Your heart is the home of the Eternal Truth,
Of Sathya Sai,
What your heart tells you,
Eventually does come true…”

I asked the same of the breeze,
As it did caressingly waft by,
To tune in to my feelings ever so spry,
The answer was an echo, a similar sigh…
“Listen to your heart,
That’s  what you must do,
What your heart tells you,
Does come true…”

A few tremors beneath my feet,
As I bent down to touch Mother Earth,
Warm was her response,
Synchronised was her kindred beat,
Through the absence and pain,
When life felt so incomplete,
Within her she felt this voice,
What it said to her,
To my soul she did repeat -
“Listen to your heart,
That is what you must do,
For in your heart beyond dispute,
Resides the essence of Sai – the absolute Truth,
Truth will reveal to you what is true by and by,
The ultimate truth of Beloved Mother Sai…”

25th morn did dawn,
I asked the rays of the sun,
About the year that’s gone,
Even as each ray did twirl around me,
Swirling with that awesome Cosmic Energy,
“Listen to your heart,
That is what you must do,
For the One who dwells in the heart,
Hears each and every cry,
The heart is the abode of Beloved Mother Sai…”

Suddenly I visualised a picture of me,
My heart was my Universe,
A place to envisage creatively,
Clasping those cherished Lotus Feet,
Looking into those Wondrous Eyes adoringly,
I was about to ask, when came forth a reply,
From Beloved Mother Sai…

If life is one long day,
Sunset is as yet far, far away,
This Book of Revelations still has many pages,
Between the lines lay many a sign,
Several chapters awaiting release,
The past too would receive its kiss of peace,
Listen to your heart,
Yes, you must so do,
But before that, empty it out completely,
Then proceed to fill it with Me,
I can do anything when Faith doesn’t weaken,
When hope allows patience to undemurringly reign,
So, My dear child, this is what you must do,
Listen to your heart, every beat through,
My delays are never My denials this too is true…
Thus far, Up until now, Hitherto,
I do all that I do only for you,
Love My uncertainity,
It is My intent and will,
Be still,
Trust Me…
Listen to your heart,
For, My precious jewel, your heart is Me…

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II