Sacred ‘Trayee’ emits Vibrations Infinite…

Sacred TRAYEE BRINDAVANAM continues to emit vibrations infinite basking in the glory of Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam, which is into It’s Day-7 today…  The morning proceedings began at 0530 hrs. with Mangala Vadyam at The Divine Abode followed by Palanquin Procession ushering in Bhagawan onto the Yajna Vedhi.

Even as related rituals continued, the speciality of the day was a Pushapabhishekam done with 90 kgs of different flowers. The session concluded with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

In the evening the proceedings began with sacred Vedic chanting at 1600 hrs. Amidst vibrational chanting Bhagawan was ushered into the Sai Ramesh Hall in a regal palanquin procession just after 1630 hrs.

The speaker for the evening was a popular youth icon, a man whose heart incessantly beats with national fervour, SrI Chakravarthi Sulibele, eminent philosopher and social activist. Sri Chakravarthi chose to speak in a mix of English and Kannada, especially at the request of the Rithwiks, who requested him to speak in Kannada. Striking a consensus note, commencing his speech, the speaker promised, he would be speaking from his heart and thus the assembly could easily comprehend the content. Sri Chakravarthi belongs to the Swadeshi Movement – Azaadi Bachao Aandolan.

Delivering a rhetoric treat, Sri Chakravarthi touched upon Bharat’s unparalleled spiritual glory that sent out the most quintessential spiritual pointers to the world. Enlightening the audience on the “Sai Ram” greetings in Sai parlance, the speaker said The Greeting unites the mankind, destroying ‘ahamkara’, ego, differences whatsoever. Sri Chakravarthi ended his spirited talk on a high note, hailing ‘Jai Bharat Mata… Vande Mataram’.  The speaker was then felicitated by Prof KBR Varma, Vice Chancellor of SSSIHL, on hehalf of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust.

Sri Chakravarthi’s speech was followed by a Musical Offering by renowned playback singer Sri Sriram Parthasarathi. Sriram Parhasarathi was accompanied by a host of musicians, Sarvasree Muthu Kumar on Tabla, Parthasarathi on Veena, Sandeep Kulkarni on Flute, Anirudh on Keyboard and Manish Chabria on Kanjira.

Maha Mangala Arathi at 1900 hrs.  marked the end of the day’s proceedings.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II