Know The Truth In Eleven Seconds…

Human life is granted only to know The Truth – i am I… Not adept at the right technique, being not self-disciplined, man often fumbles, ‘delaying’ his journey and thus his Goal. Tips from Bhagawan leading to The Truth…

Truth Is God. You need not have to make any special efforts to know The Truth. In fact, eleven seconds are enough to realise The Truth. You just contemplate in your mind for a period of eleven seconds on The Truth and you will be able to have God’s darshan.

You are unnecessarily taxing your body by sitting for hours together in meditation. At the end, you are suffering from pain in legs and hands and back-ache. Do not give scope for such painful joints. You ultimately land in a doctor’s clinic who will diagnose your trouble as rheumatic pains. They are not rheumatic pains at all. They are the result of misguided sadhana. Stick to the time schedule of eleven seconds and you will have no pain. In addition, you also have timely food.

With regard to food, you have to know certain subtle things and observe some restrictions. You should not consume non-vegetarian food like meat and fish. In fact, foreigners are used to non-vegetarian food only. This type of food causes diseases like cancer. Hence, give up such food, totally. Not only that. They also like cheese very much. The more you consume cheese, the weaker you become. You should not also take milk in excess quantity. Too much milk is very bad. It should be in limit. The milk should be diluted with water in equal proportion. Same is the case with curd. It should not be thick. It should be semi-solid. Thus, you have to control the food you eat daily. Proper food at proper time is very much necessary for contemplating on God.

If you thus take proper food and observe discipline in your habits, you are sure to have God’s darshan at that very moment. You need not have to undertake rigorous sadhana for months and years. You can always be blissful. Bliss is the form of God.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II