Water For The Parched Throats…

If you have known a parched throat, acute dehydration and overwhelming thirst on a blistering summer day, you will understand another’s craving for a few drops of water. Come summer, there are many many wandering ‘souls’ with parched throats, dying for a drop of water. An inspirational piece exhortation, asking fellow devotees to do the least bit for the four legged and winged ones of Beloved Mother Sai… (courtesy: Sri Sathya Sai News Letter – Pune)

Temperatures are soaring; the rays of the Sun are getting more scorching and intense, leading to that ordeal of a parched, thirsty feeling that seeks appeasement urgently. And so, come summer, there are many water supply projects at various places to cater to the needs of thirsty travellers, wherein volunteers willingly and lovingly distribute this most precious liquid with a smiling ‘SaiRam’. Water crystals are transformed into Prasadam!

However, what about animals and birds…four legged, tailed or winged children of Beloved Mother Sai…who can’t express how thirsty they are…and so, silently face the harsh heat and severe dehydration? Veterinary doctors have sadly expressed how so many birds and animals collapse due to heat strokes. Deeply understanding and keeping in mind their pressing need, we should keep bowls of water for birds, dogs, cattle, etc…a project that should conjoin supply of drinking water for human beings. This loving service would have a wider reach if some of us could keep bowls of water near our homes – in the balcony or in the garden, going a step further to convincingly request shop owners in the vicinity or those that are doing business in areas that are frequented, to do so too.

How many more souls would be benefitted!

Water bowls can be cemented into the earth and then on all we need to do is refill the bowls with fresh water.

“Whosoever extends a hand to quench the thirst of another, especially the craving of those fellow beings that cannot help themselves, immense is the grace and manifold the blessings that descend to envelope such a sensitive soul.”

Besides, myriad are the forms Sai Narayana assumes to give us an opportunity to serve Him. Come let us rise to the occasion. Water is the elixir of life…let all forms of life have easy access to this elixir!

(We have personally experienced this a few summers ago, when a pair of bulbuls flew into the society compound…into a room that serves as an office. One could clearly make out they were very thirsty…and they seemed very flustered too. Our Vet advised us about ‘heat stroke’ for birds – cool place for rest and some water. They were kept within the enclosure they had flown into…for the night, along with a bowl of water and some seeds of grain. They had perched themselves on a picture of Swami. The room was properly ventilated and secured to keep cats out. Next morning, as we opened the door, much to our relief, they flew away to freedom! As of now, innumerable birds, dogs, cats come along to the bowls kept in our society. It is a pleasure, so refreshing a sight, to see the birds satiate their thirst, play in the water and stay around to chirp melodiously, so too, to silently watch the animals as they sip away and sometimes even sit or take a dip in the water container!)

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II