In The Shimmering Sacred Space

Having seen Him, having experienced Him, is there anything bigger, vaster, or mightier or holier to see and experience. The totality, the Substratum that He Is… it is time for us to take refuge at His Feet… knowing Him to be the Source of Everything, The Supreme Source… Being unable to comprehend, yet, know in the heart-space that He Is… let’s continue to sing His glory… through a beautiful piece of writing from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.

Sweet Lord, Beloved Bhagawan…most dearly cherished Gurudeva…resplendently You reside in the shimmering sacred space within our spiritual heart, similarly, every bit around us radiantly reflects Thy Pristine Essence…You are vaster than the vast…inconceivably vast, yet, You remain nearer than the nearest and the dearmost delight of our soul.

Oh! Magnificent Cosmic Heart, we are never alone for there is no place that You are not, wherever we go You are already there. Before we can think a thought it is already known to You.  Transcendental, Eternally Boundless, Immeasurable and Supreme, You, are the goal of every quest, the answer to every question, the solution to every problem and the cure for all ailments.

To You, Oh! Almighty Source of the Universe…Oh! Everlastingly Blissful Mother Sai…how can we express the extent of our enchantment with You, our fascination with Your mystery and mystique. Oh! Sparkling Ocean of Consciousness, having seen You, Your Glorious Form, what else is there to be seen, what charm can the material world have upon us…?

Having known a minuscule fragment of You, what more is there to know…? You are our very breath, it is You that we experience in all that surrounds us, yet, we miss Your Presence piercingly. All that we are, we submit to You…surrender is an enormously formidable word, we are unable to grasp its meaning, or follow it through, hence we take refuge at Your precious Lotus Feet, humbly, lovingly, oh-so-completely…for it is true, we need You…we seek You in all that we do…Precious Gurudev…we are nothing without You…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II