Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha – Day 1

The essence of being in the immediate Divine Presence is ‘learning’ – learning ‘the art of living’ and ‘the art of being’. Commencing the week-long Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha, ensemble of the learned, on the sidelines of the Devi Navarathri festival, Sri S Sai Manohar from the Muddenahalli Campus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning delivered an insightful speech studded with ‘His Stories and Learning’ last evening, here in Prasanthi Nilayam. 

Beginning with a mention of Bhagawan’s 1947 letter to His ‘physical’ brother Sri Seshama Raju Garu, which is historically referred to as the ‘Mission Statement’ of the Sri Sathya Sai Avatar, Sri Sai Manohar then deliberated in detail speaking on His Divine Mission vs. His devotees’ mission, decorating the same with a range of thrilling Sai anecdotes.

While Bhagawan’s Mission is to live His life as His message, for the world to learn and emulate, the devotees on their part need to seek God within following the Divine injunctions, said the speaker narrating how, Bhagawan in person, taught Him during his primary school days that God Is The Indweller, Hrudaya Vasi.

The task of seeking Him with faith and prayer comes next. The speaker then illustrated these twin facets narrating two distinct incidents, the ‘faithful’ experience of Bhagawan’s foster mother, Karnam Subbama, followed by a ‘prayerful’ anecdote from 2006 involving the Brindavan campus.

Sai Manohar was precise with his simple, yet lofty ideals, that the Sai student in him have learnt at His Feet. Mixing up his speech with wisdom galore from Bhagawan’s message-full ideal Avataric Story, the speaker emphasised the need to know, to learn what ideal, true devotion is.

In conclusion, Sri Sai Manohar also narrated a heart-touching incident from the ongoing Grama Seva Yajna, involving a grieving mother from an adjacent village, who lost her 13 year old son in a freak accident some days ago. When His White Army of students made their entry as Grama Sevaks into her precincts, the grieving traumatic mother could feel Bhagawan’s Presence amid tears and deep sorrow; she expressed it in so many words, exposing a heart full of gratitude galore.

Sri Sai Manohar had been a student of Bhagawan from class 1 and completed his education with distinction in MBA in 1999. Later he served the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust for 13 years, serving in its Brindavan Office before moving on to the Muddenahalli Campus of SSSIHL two years ago. Currently he is an Asst. Professor with the Dept of Business Management at Muddenahahalli Campus, serving as Asst. Warden, an additional responsibility.

Bhagawan’s Divine discourse followed next, aired through the public address system. Man has to control his Mind, immerse himself in Atman before reaching Nirvana, exhorted Bhagawan defining M-A-N. The Divine discourse came to a close with an exhilarating “Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Enarada…”.

Following this, the students from the Muddenahalli Campus offered a musical stream of love at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet.

Beginning with a Mahalakshmi Stuthi, in praise of the Divine Mother, the session produced some new exciting compositions that included a scintillating instrumental, playing, Enna Tavam Seithanai…, Moula Tumhi Mera Jaan…, Deena Dayalu Rama Jaya Seeta Vallabha Rama… a popular Malayalam devotional, etc.

Earlier, the session commenced with a Vedic incantation by the tiny-tots of Bhagawan’s Primary School. This was followed by an introduction of the programme by Sri Bhavani Shankar, a Research Scholar from Prasanthi Nilayam Campus of SSSIHL.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan at 1850 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II