Earth Celebrates – The Splendorous Appearance Day Of God As Sri Sathya Sai

23rd November – The Day Of His Splendorous Appearance Day is the day He has bestowed upon the humanity, to rejoice, to exult and to soak in the bliss called Sri Sathya Sai. As we step into this Day, joining Mother Earth and Her children, and other cosmic realms commemorating the milestone 90th year of His Advent, we may seek within, posing a few questions to ourselves, to know, to feel and thus allowing ourselves to live with His Legacy – His very Presence as Sri Sathya Sai on planet Earth. On the momentous occasion, Sri Jullie Chaudhuri writes in adoration of The Eternal Truth called Sri Sathya Sai.


Rejoice! Come, let us all rejoice…exult with great glee and gaiety…for it is indeed a Global Event…and then some more…a Cosmic Episode that is perhaps keenly watched and honoured by myriad divine, heavenly and celestial beings…for they too long for such a sight…to then be immersed in the ardent adulation of the ever Resplendent One!

All hearts, hearths…as well as public places are commemorating that sacrosanct day and that holy year…even as Earth celebrates…that momentous date God chose for His Advent…this time assuming a extraordinary Glorious Form along with a distinct appellation…that of – Sathya Sai.

The intense yearning of venerated rishis, the pleading petitions of men of wisdom, the genuine tears and prayers of those oppressed and the heartbreaking cries of Mother Earth have reverberated through the ether through epochs gone by necessitating a Divine Incarnation…and they intensely echoed in the present era too…stirring the Heart…the Vishal Hrudaya of the Shimmering Ocean of Compassion…the Almighty Source of Creation. Accordingly, the dawn of Monday, 23rd November, 1926…witnessed an exclusively spectacular event that would niche a forever splendid place for itself in the chronicles of history as the splendorous appearance day of God on Earth…this time as Sathya Sai.

All heavenly eyes were glued on Puttaparthi…and now, all eyes from everywhere are fixed on Prasanthi too!

Musical instruments played on their own. All glory to the womb of Mother Easwaramma and the penance of grandfather Kondama.

Sun rays raced towards Parthi…fragrant buds blossomed earlier than normal, birds chirped a wonderful melody…all species from the animal kingdom too were somewhat aware of a Divine Presence, being blessed with that instinct…but very few from the human race knew of the manifestation of the Avatar amongst them. 

Any and every darshan is no ordinary event, but a joyous jubilee of the Emergence of the Lord upon our planet…within our personal sphere. Can we even begin to imagine how colossally fortunate we are to be bestowed with such a sanctified sanction? Can any mortal define the sheer magnitude of this magnanimity? It was the day kismet smiled on all of humanity. Destiny favoured us…for all of eternity.

Bhagawan does not need any particular day to celebrate His Birthday…for there is no time when He was not. He is Universal Consciousness. He is Eternal, the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Sachidanandarupa. Omnipresent. Omnipotent. Omniscient.

Yet, Love manifested into an ageless Divine Form and at 05.06 am on that hallowed day…the Lord chose to make a debut. The Universe merrily rejoiced. Finally, here was our raison de etre…the reason for being.

We breathe in the same air as Him, we walk the same earth as Him. We hear Him speak. What benevolence, that He allows us to know just Who He is and to experience Him in all His Majesty.
So, does it end there?

Does knowing that the Creator walks amongst us make a difference to our life? To the way we lead our life? Is it just darshan and back to routine? Is it just prayers, pranams and we love You, Swami? On 23rd November we wish Him a Happy Birthday, but what exactly makes our cherished Mother Sai happy?

Every minute of Beloved Bhagwan’s sojourn on Earth has been a perennial ‘reach out’…morning, noon and night. Not only does He exhort us to be open to the suffering of all creatures great and small, but sets an example by demonstration – His Life is His Message.

Tireless and ad infinitum are His efforts, care and concern for the upliftment of humankind – to make humans kind…encircling all aspects and afflictions – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Is it enough then…to just say we are grateful and that we love Him?
Words fall short. When He lives for us can we not live for Him? We have to show Him we care. By building bridges not walls, for bridges connect and walls divide. By going beyond abject poverty of the mind, trivial pettiness and petty trivialities; I, me and mine. Every time we hurt someone, every wound we inflict on any creature, through thought, word or deed, we cause Him pain. Direct and deep. We negate His Compassion. We insult the very word ‘human’ and His dictum of a brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.

Is He asking too much of us when He asks us to Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never?
Love is our only inheritance from the time of creation. Love opens us up to the abundance in the Cosmos. It seeks no reward, brings harmony and makes us learn our lessons well, enhancing tolerance and forgiveness. Love makes us a millionaire of joy. Most of all Love brings a smile to the lips of our loving Lord, to see His family unite, against all odds.

Come, dear ones, as we unite to honour the 90th Anniversary of this purely exceptional, exceptionally pure, mystifying, electrifying…a rare-gift-of-fate Advent, let us invoke His Grace that we may be able to pledge allegiance to all that Bhagawan does represent – each of His Word and Message; His Essence – Truth; His Commitment to Dharma; His Pristine Unconditional Love; His Substance – Peace; His Devotion to all life on all planes of existence…to Samastha Lokaah/Jeeva…to Ahimsa…for all this signifies Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It is only then that we truly value this Appearance Day. May grow in awareness of this privilege…and His Presence in each and every atom of creation and thereby cultivate a sense of Oneness.

May His Matchless Compassion be our Mission.

May Bhagawan’s benevolent Gaze shine on all…may every heart be aglow with tender sentiments – acknowledging Him in all…and all in Him… respecting and revering the Bhagawan within all beings…and may His Grace embrace, illumine and awaken each soul to this open, perfect and wonderfully precise practice of praise, admiration, worship and adoration.

Come, let us hail, extol, applaud this Splendorous Appearance Day…and the Advent of God as Sathya Sai, the Greatest Avatar of all times that has been, is and ever will be.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II