Have You Looked Into The Eyes Of God?

Every single soul flocks to Prasanthi Nilayam comes with a million-dollar aspiration, to look into the Eyes Of The Lord, an eye-to-Eye with The Lord Walking The Earth. It is this precious priceless moment, that lasts to eternity leaving many a life time falling away in a split moment, serves the soul with a boost to quench its thirst for Eternal Truth.  Recalling that moment of spiritual ecstasy Sri Jullie Chaudhuri rhymes describing the heavenly worth drawing every seekers attention to the heavenly boon of being in The Presence of Beloved Mother Sai for an eye-to-Eye, Who ever reciprocates to  earnest prayers with a Divine Glance that lasts to eternity.

Have you looked into the eyes of God?
I have,
Am sure so have you,
Lotus Eyes,
For Whom no one is a stranger,
And nothing a surprise,
When I looked into those Limpid Eyes,
What’s more,
They looked back into mine,
For just such an instant,
The soul for so long did pine,
Existence fell away,
Neither did exist space nor time,
Only bliss sublime,
Supremely blessed indeed am I,
That into my life,
This moment came by,
Did it last only a second or two?
How can that be?
Lifetimes fell away…before I knew,
I could have been,
One of those ignorant few,
Unaware of that Presence too,
But the Ocean of Compassion,
Gave me my due,
All my love I do pour,
At the precious Lotus Feet,
In lieu of a ‘Thank You’,
Along with a oath,
To explicitly follow,
The Avataric message through,
I must urgently do so,
I simply have to,
For I could have been,
One of those ignorant few,
But in His Innate Benevolence,
He did grant me a divine review,
I have looked into the eyes of God,
Have I,
And what is more,
Is that,
The Lord looked into mine,
To me this priceless link,
He did not deny,
That moment cannot be expressed,
Nor to do so,
On any words can I rely,
I have looked into the eyes of God,
Have I,
When I looked into the eyes,
Of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai,
For He is God,
Divine Mother and Father,
You know it,
So do I,
I looked into the eyes of God,
When I looked into the eyes,
Of Beloved Mother Sai…
Oh! Beloved, Beloved, Beloved Mother Sai…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II