He Is Forever…He Is Space…An Eternal Divine Embrace…

A devotee, while in His journey unto Him, first may feel forlorn, seeking in the depth of despair ‘the solace’ he is ‘hunting’ out for. After His sweet ‘testing and tasting’ phase when the Lord chooses to reveal, his senses start revealing Him, slowly, gradually, finally embracing His beloved child unto His bosom, revealing HimSelf all over… in and out and everywhere… Sri Jullie Chaudhuri writes about this unique feeling of achievement, of meeting Him in one and all and everything…

Deep within my heart…
…i did pray,
It’s me, Lord,
My name…i did say,
How are You, Lord, how are You today?

It’s me, Lord, and i am alone,
A search is on,
Direction unknown…
Show me the path,
The path to be taken,
Make me believe…
…i am not forsaken…

A sweet sound,
A faint noise,
Then louder still,
A Celestial Voice…
‘Let go, dear child, let go and relax,
Relax into space…
Let Me take care of all,
Just simply dissolve into,
My Soothing Divine Embrace…’

…So i let go,
And found each beat,
In the Divine Heart did my name,
With love echo,
So too therein,
 The names of all other beings was a mellow flow,
And every heartbeat was a journey ,
From mid ocean to shore,
With each beat the vision,
Did seem to clear,
…`Where there is Love,
There is no reason for fear…’

…HE is in all beings,
 All beings are in Him,
HE is in me,
And in all creatures of the land,
 And the sea,
… HE is Forever and HE is Space…
…HE is forever, forever in space…
…And so placing my ears,
On the Divine Chest,
In the midst of space,
Listening to the Cosmic Heartbeat,
…i let go and relaxed in this eternal Divine Embrace…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhanvatu II