His Beauty-Beyond-Compare Lotus Feet…

Give any attribute to Him and His Beauty-Beyond-Compare Lotus Feet, He Will, His Lotus Feet Will leave you dazed with, beyond your reckoning, understanding and all that you will know is a glimpse of that Bliss Supreme… When the whole of the creation, knowingly-not, most unknowingly beat for that Bliss Supreme, let’s, with this iota of awareness of His Supreme Divinity, continue to sing paeans, adore Him, His Beauty-Beyond-Compare Lotus Feet to our heart’s content. A poetic piece of adoration from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.

A darshan of Baba,
And a thought in my mind -
Can there be anything more beautiful,
More joyful than a sight,
Of this most Graceful Figure,
With His dark halo of hair?’
As I continued to stare,
Begging His pardon that I dared to stare,
I thought, ‘Oh! what bliss!
How can anything be more sweetly touching than this?’

That was only until He came closer,
Then my heart did stir,
As I looked into His eyes,
Saw Him smile and heard His voice,
‘Oh! How enchanting, how melodious,
How can anything be more beautiful than this?
Oh, what bliss! What sweet bliss!’
That was what I thought,
Till He turned,
And I had a close-up view,
Of His hands…
So soft, so very soft,
Yet so all powerful,
‘Oh, I’m right…This is bliss…
This is the most beautiful sight…!’

Then He did sit,
And my gaze did shift,
To His Lotus Feet…
And all other notions it did defeat,
This was the ultimate,
Nothing could with this sight ever compete,
Oh! The sight of His tender, soft,
Beauty-beyond-compare Lotus feet…
Oh, How I longed for a glimpse,
With every heart beat,
With great love, gratitude and reverence replete,
I say, ‘Oh what joy! What heavenly bliss!
How can anything,
Be more beautiful than this…?!’ 

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II