Yearning and Yen For The Supreme Advent

Even as the festivities step up to celebrate Your Advent…the Advent Supreme, Beloved Mother…being inspired by adoring hearts in ages gone by…this child of Yours fervently feels like having a few words with You. Though You know all that there is to know…and there is nothing unknown to You…and my thoughts before I think them, is known to You…yet, humour and forgive this child by listening, as You will listen lovingly. (contributed by Sri Jullie Chaudhuri)

I believe in facing, all that I have to face…and all that I need to face, being fully aware that I thrive under the umbrella of Your Grace…Your matchless, limitless Love and Grace…and so, all the challenges and umbrages that come my way, I meet them head on with just this one line in my mind, this adage – ‘Its difficult but not impossible…Why fear when Sai is near’.

Never giving up or giving in till I have given life my very best, from all angles, I always feel that it’s easy to do well that which I like to do…but the crux of the matter lies in doing well that which I may not like to do but have to do…
…and just Who did I learn all this from…? From You…watching You, listening to You, seeing You interact, observing You giving attention to the minutest of things, putting Your words into actions…a complete sync in all that You do…Your life indeed flows as Your message…

Is it any wonder then Beloved One…that I fell in love with my Mother Sai and Her ways…?

I miss You though I know You are always with me…Omnipresence and all that is fine…and most of the time it is so…but how can I not miss You…wouldn’t You if You were in my place…? How can anyone avoid this feeling…?

As with all other challenges and challenging situations, I need to confront it before I brave it.

How can that aching sensation in the heart ever stop…that pain…that grief…over a loss that nothing in the material world ever can replace? How can one prevent that woe deep rooted and entrenched inside that nothing and no one can restore? How do we console the eyes, the ears – so overcome…that this most delightful sight, that sweet voice ever so melodious, is now denied to them? How can the tears not flow when cherished memories come to the fore?

Finite merges into infinite…Your Presence is Your legacy, You remain in us, around us, beside us…yes, indeed this is true…but how long can theory sustain the ache deep within the core? That too needs to be faced and not ignored.
Can anything stop a volcano from erupting? Can anything stop lightning to issue forth from a thunderstorm? Can anyone stop kittens and puppies from mewing and yelping for their mother constantly, unless the mother comes close to them? When the soul has witnessed and experienced such enchanting moments – darshans of Your orange hued elegance, those glimpses of You and glances from You, Your beautiful lotus eyes, those tender lotus feet…those mysterious gestures…like spiritual e-mail…that captivating smile…that perennial flow of unconditional love…those innumerable benevolent acts for all of mankind…that care and concern…nothing can make up for that.

Hence, the grief is not intentional it’s inevitable.

Frankly, it leaves a void…an unavoidable void. And so Beloved Mother, can life go on in a normal vein, when You…signified life? There is a question in my heart please answer it, when will You respond to my yearning?

I can feel You around me but I crave to see You…a feeling so natural and normal and I am not alone when I voice this intense desire…all of creation it does pursue…and You know this to be true.

Sometimes…memories overwhelm…human emotions and devotion at play…as it did with devotees of yore. About these sentiments there is nothing much that I can do…so, may I submit it all to You, Cherished Mother…Beloved Sai Maa, kindly accept this yearning and yen towards Your Advent…quite typically prevalent in the earthly realm.

Then, when, my sweet Lord, when…for  I earnestly seek Your consent…Oh! Supreme Advent…when will You answer me…my yearning and yen…?

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II