Who Are You?

In the peak of ecstatic devotion, when a devotees meets his Beloved Lord, he keeps wondering musing in silent whisper, asking “Who Are You???” knowing well that He Is verily his inner core… …then all that remains is a simple prayer – a prayer to – become His…  playing as a chosen instrument in His Hands… ‘allowing’ Him to sing through him… a musing from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.

Who Are You?
Some pray to You as Rama,
Some call out to You as Shiva,
Some say You are Durga,
And to so many, You are Krishna…

Just Who Are You?

Some declare You are Truth,
Others insist You are Love,
For so many You are Compassion Incarnate,
Just who are You?

To so many,
You are the helper of the helpless – the only way out,
Whilst for others, the only refuge,
For some,
You are the rays of the sun,
But…Who Are You?

Then again, for a certain clique…
You are that breath of fresh air,
While for innumerable others -
…a dream come true,
At the same time,
There are those for whom You are the missing link,
That they’ve always longed for,
Yet, who are You?

Who Are You?
What is my relationship with You?
Who am I?

For some, You take the place of a mother and father,
For others, a closest friend,
There are those for whom You are the most beloved…

For me, sweet Lord,

You are energy, You are light,
You are peace, You are truth beyond sight,
Sai, You are -
Supreme, Absolute, Infinite…

You are Pure Love,
You are our Source,
The most meaningful thing life has known so far,
You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead,
You simply are…

You are not this, nor are You that,
Not restricted by any form or any name,
Nor space, nor time…
You are You,
And I am only because of You…
And if I can remove the ‘I’, there will… be only You.

My heart I offer You, my Lord,
As Nataraja when You play,
The drums,
Use my heart as Your dumroo…
When as the Divine Mother You need a place to reside,
The doors of my heart are open wide…
When You are Krishna,
In Your Divine hands, a hollow flute let my body be,
May my soul be filled with Your enchanting melody…
When You are Radha,
May my being resonate with…
… that Supreme bliss of divine appeal,
That emanates only out of the bhakti…
…that You for Yourself do feel…
When as Sathya Sai,
As a boon and a blessing I do come across You,
And You look into my eyes too,
Let me, my Lord, dissolve…into You…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II