Christmas Evening in the ‘Sai Cathedral’ at Prasanthi Nilayam…

Peace is coming much faster than expected, said Ms Lorraine Burrows, reflecting on His Own Words speaking on this beautiful Christmas evening here, in Prasanthi Nilayam today.  After two refreshingly scintillating sessions of Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning, this evening’s session was marked by two speeches, a drama and Bhagawan’s Divine discourse.

The session commenced at 1450 hrs with an introduction by Mr John Behner. The speakers were Ms Lorraine Burrows from the United Kingdom, currently spearheading the running and management of  Bhagawan’s School in Thailand along with Dr Jumsai and Mr Jan Floris, Central Coordinator, Region 72, SSIO.

Speaking first, Ms Lorraine Burrows narrated a selected list of incredible experiences with Sai, not before reflecting on the distinctly unique Prasanthi Christmas at the Sai Cathedral in Prasanthi Nilayam. Connecting Bhagawan and Jesus, Sai and Isa, she said quoting Bhagawan that, Bhagawan Who declared His Life as His Message, later, gradually exhorted to His devotees that ‘your life is My message’, a Divine Appeal to toe the Sai-line of teachings, loving all and serving all, spreading peace unto Earth as exemplified by Jesus. We have to live His message and find Him in each one of our hearts, spreading peace on Earth.

Reflecting on Jesus’s message to humanity, to – Be Alike To Everyone, Ms Burrows narrated a thrilling experience of a Kerala woman devotee, that happened decades ago, explaining how this aged ‘hapless’ devotee’s one single last desire of seeing Bhagawan in a white robe was fulfilled by Bhagawan most miraculously. She also narrated the inspiring tale of Bhagawan’s role model school in Thailand that was founded at Bhagawan’s specific guidelines. “Try to be like Jesus; Jesus was the person whose only joy was in spreading Divine Love…” concluded the speaker exhorting fellow devotees to become His messengers.

The next speaker, Jan Floris, Central Coordinator, Region 72 of SSIO, deliberated on Sai Practical Spirituality that he experimented and experienced in his life. A young god-loving person at 30’s, at age 45, when he heard the arrival of the Avatar for the first time, Jan waited no more before rushing to Bhagawan and ever since it was Sai Baba Who was His guiding force in his life. How Bhagawan helped and moulded him in every walk of his life, guiding and guarding his devotee formed the core of his inspiring speech this evening.

People keep talking about the arrival of Golden Age; we should first try to bring this Golden Age in others’ lives and then we will ourselves experience the Golden Age, said Jan, a champion disaster relief expert who spearheads the  SSIO’s disaster relief management efforts. In this front Jan shared his thrilling experiences of love and transformation that he and his team mates experienced in the Tsunami hit Philippines in 2013. Every heart and every day should reflect in Christmas light especially in times of need, the speaker echoed in the affirmative, concluding his inspiring speech.

International SSIE children from the United Kingdom then presented an inspiring drama on the story of ‘Michael The Mouse’ entitled ‘The Christmas Gift’.

Michael the mouse was a lone passionate traveller through the deserts and valleys and lands, who set out to meet the Baby Divine, after hearing the great good news of the Divine Birth, but could not make it to the stable after his long arduous trial, for he was empty-handed, bereft of any gift.

Even as the rest of the travellers moved in to greet the Divine Baby, hapless Michael turned helpless and was deeply grief-stricken, until he found a small hole on the top of the stable. As a last ditch attempt, Michael climbed on to the stable to peep in through the hole, only to give himself to the Divine, as he virtually blocked the hole stopping a draught that was coming through it, that might have affected the Baby Divine catching a cold. This empty handed Michael’s gift to the Divine Baby turned out to be the most unique one on Christmas Day, as he gave himself to the Divine when needed most.

Bhagawan’s Divine discourse followed next. Exhorting the audience to Love…Love and Love… Bhagawan ended His Divine discourse with the bhajan “Love Is My Form, Truth Is My Breath…”.

Bhajans continued and the session concluded with Mangala Arathi.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II