Parthi Prays…

The lines that you are about to peruse through had its initial debut in the brook of soulful sentiments that caressed the cherished Lotus Feet of Beloved Bhagawan through the booklet – Eternal Sanctity, being a special edition of the Pune Youth Wing Newsletter in June 2011. Memories of those days linger on as intense now as it was then. Let us ceaselessly unite in profound prayer…in deep reverence for Him…for His magnificent Advent…for His Love…His Mission…for each of His Word!  We will be publishing these reports in sequnce, as and when they were originally written in April 2011. May we lovingly ask you to join us as each sigh eternally echoes absolute yearning for Mother Sai.

This is how Parthi stepped up its individual and collective Sadhana as The Divine Frame chose to take upon Itself, perils that threatened humanity…

Oblivious to malicious talk and unperturbed by vicious pens, Parthi continued its Sadhana in a calm vein. In temples and individual homes, chants and  bhajans rang out. The village geared up for akhanda bhajan and night long vigil, so no procession on the streets of Parthi…but the inner procession continues non-stop as it should.

The world over, the feeling is thus – Where the mind is without I, and the heart is full of Sai, into that heaven of freedom, Oh Lord let my soul awake… …each drum beat, each ring of the cymbals is pleading with the Lord and praying to Him for Him…and why shouldn’t they…? For all that He takes upon Himself, saving humanity from disastrous effects of natural calamities which threatens the existence of millions, it is on their part but a humble act of  acknowledgement and gratitude, isn’t it….? …gratitude to the Beloved for all that we know He does and all that we don’t know…to the Universe for all its abundance, for the country we live in…do we wish to be in any other place than the one the Lord chose…?…to our parents for giving us life and for introducing us to life i.e. the Beloved; also, it’s important to have gratitude towards the physical casing of the atma, the vehicle for the soul, to each and every organ for functioning well, to the eyes for seeing His form, to the ears for having heard Him, to the feet for having walked His way, to the mind for its focus on Him…and to the heart for being the shrine where He does dwell.

8th April..
…Collective Harmony in the heart of Parthi…beyond caste, colour, religion – a rare example of unity… When the cherished One allows Himself to be admitted to the ICU of SSSIHMS, the Cosmos watches with bated breath as to what He has written next in the Divine play, for only He knows the script and He is the Director Supreme in this Cosmic drama. What is known to us is that devotees the world over – in every village, city, home and heart are praying to Him…for Him. For a change, there is a selfless prayer in every heart, mind and soul, an ardent appeal, a passionate plea, in all humility, with pure love replete…that goes beyond any personal benefit or selfish need…a prayer that asks Beloved Bhagawan to cure Himself…as He has done with millions over the last eight decades of this Avatarhood.

What is perhaps not known to us is that every being in the Universe also has a prayer in its heart, concern in its mind, tears in its eyes and hope in its very being. From the plain to the deserts, to the mighty Himalayas…from the lay person to heads of state, to saints and Himalayan masters…all souls are joined in prayer to the One for the One.

Faith is the sole factor for each soul. A collective appeal from the individual soul to the Super Soul to heal whatever It has deemed fit to take upon Itself, for the higher good of the Cosmos.

And Puttaparthi, the village which received the ultimate benediction when the Lord willed Himself to be born and continue the scenes of His Divine mission here…is awake, alive, alert and aware with fervent prayers and deep devotion. Every hearth, home and heart is imploring its dearest Bhagawan to heal Himself and return to Prasanthi Nilayam without further delay.

All temples are holding prayer meetings which include bhajans, yagnas and various chants for the speedy recovery of their Beloved Lord. Come evening and there are groups of devotees converging from different lanes and by lanes, with adoration in their hearts, devotional songs on their lips and candles in their hands. They are like little streams and rivulets, gushing forth from myriad directions, bobbing up and down with diyas, merging together at the Feet of the Loving Ocean of extreme benevolence, represented by the deity of Sathyamma at the temple dedicated to Her Sathyabhama, the precious consort of Krishna.

Their passion, dedication, loyalty and love for Bhagawan is overwhelming to witness and exhilarating to experience. The entire village is effervescent and vibrant with adoration for the One Who gave them life and is their life. An amalgamation of unified faith, a combined gathering of such a large multitude continuously over a period of 11 days for just ‘one person’ is unheard of anywhere in the world. But of course that ‘one person’ happens to be Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba – Whose unconditional love and selfless service for humanity is an example in itself. Bhagawan is receiving the love with which He has touched the lives of millions in every nook and corner of the globe.

Unified prayers bring collective harmony resulting in a benediction supreme, and this is the entreating hope of every soul.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II