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A Letter On Heart Paper!

“On 24, April 1974, Swami visited our home in Bangalore in response to a simple prayer of my seven year old daughter during an interview earlier. After the visit, as He was boarding His car Swami asked for a white sheet of paper for giving me a “nice message”. The result was this letter, which Swami handed over to me in Brindavan. Before that, Swami asked Prof. Sundar Rao, retired principal M.G.M.College, to read it aloud for Brindavan hostel students. read more »

Oh! 2017…What Sighs and Sai Joys Do You Hold Within…?

The New Year 2017 is up and on… As is the story with humans, who are limited by time, man, stepping into the New Year is poised to ask many a wonderful question to this just-born, full of fresh fragrance New Year 2017…all about his expectations of a Truely Truthful Time Ahead… Does this New Year hold any such promise. Let’s join Sri Jullie Chaudhuri sailing through the prospects of New Year 2017. read more »

Prema Sagamam – an Alumni Drama With Potent Messages…

The Master received the salute and that marked the commencement of the final session of the three-day “Prema Bandhan” involving the alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institutions in the new year evening here, in Prasanthi Nilayam. read more »

Happy New Year Morning…

Man, in his journey from self To Self,  passes through the phase of time often limiting himself to the dictates of God Of Time, only to grow and go beyond the limitation. …And quite often, during this journey, he finds himself in joyful rejoicing, celebrating life and events from dawn to dusk… that begins from the dawn of the ‘New’ year. read more »