Sant Surdas – A Brilliant Drama By Brindavan Boys…

In an all-Brindavan day of cultural presentations, Prasanthi Nilayam today hosted twin programmes, a musical melody by the blossoming Brindavan Brass Band followed by a musical dance drama on the life of Sant Surdas, this penultimate evening of the 5-day Annual Sports and Cultural Festivity 2017.

If music is the soul of the universe, a flight through this soul set off this sparkling auspicious Makara Sankranthi evening’s proceedings with the blossoming Brindavan Brass Band offering a session of melodies, all began in a much customised style with an adaptation of the verses from the 1st anuvaka of the sacred Sri Rudram. Music flowed on with rhythmic beats resonating for the next 15 minutes, producing some of the beautiful gems.

The drama presentation followed next. Titled Sant Surdas, the story-line for the evening was the epic devotional story of the famed poet-composer-singer Bilwamangala turned Surdas who lived during the 15th century in the north of India.

From little Bilwa to Bilwamangala to widely acclaimed devout Surdas, not without the hardest of the trials, his life was full of testings, yet was fully focused on His heart’s content Krishna.

Having endured suffering untold, after losing his eye-sight owing to ‘lusty-evil-sight’, a repentant  Bilwamangala had to spent a hard life before becoming Surdas. Slighted by the trickery of the mean-minded and perverted, he once fell into a river only to be rescued by Little Krishna. Blinded by his ‘fate’, though he was deprived of the darshan of his Lord and the world around, now, he was bestowed upon by the rare ‘Divine’ vision. In the meantime, even as he is immersed in his Beloved Krishna, Surdas turned down an invite from Emperor Akbar to his royal court that made the Emperor to come down all the way to Brij only to listen to Surdas singing for Krishna.

At the climactic end, the virtuous life of the poet-saint turned sanctified with the ultimate blessing, seeing Him in everything, everyone.

Surdas’s life is surely etched in the history of God…a life worthy beyond any explanations, simply Divine!

A group song by the entire cast brought the colourful presentation to a grand closure.

Beautiful settings, aesthetic costumes, vibrant dance movements and brilliant acting made the presentation simply spectacular.

Brindavan students depicted a beautiful story involving the Heart Of Brindavan in a most befitting style, well received by a capacity audience that burst into a round of applause in appreciation.

Bhajans continued and the session ended with Mangala Arathi.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II