When Did It All Begin???

Does man’s so-called journey from ‘the self-to-The Self’ have a definite, ‘marked’ beginning??? When caught in the thick of his un-quenching thirst for his heart’s ‘Absolute’ content, he tends to miss out on the mark of time, leaving himself into an astonished wonderment, ending up asking. “when did it all begin?” With his heart wrenching and the soul stirring in a raging fire of brewing attachment to The Master Supreme, man is sure to find himself in a lost world of Divine Romance, scripting a unique Cosmic Love Story… a beautiful poem, reflecting on the essence of man’s ‘Divine Obsession’, by Kum. Abhirami Ajai, from God’s Own Country, Kerala.


When did it all begin?

The eternal romance between You and Me,

Nullifying the curses of my sin,

Once as tumultuous as the restless sea…

When did it all begin?


When did it all begin?

My unquenching thirst for nights’ solitude,

At the very aim to silence my heart’s din,

And savour the time with You, as a beatitude…

When did it all begin?


When did it all begin?

My brewing attachment to Your loving gaze,

Slowly creeping into my veins as an obsession,

Throwing me into a Cosmic Love Story weaved like a maze.

When did it all begin???

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II