He Knows The Best…

He Knows The Best…is the final answer of a devout soul with unflinching faith. Sri K. Chakravarti, IAS (Retd.), formerly Registrar of SSSIHL, Secretary to Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust and currently Member Trustee, SSSCT had many such ‘testing time’ experiences during his long-term association with Bhagawan. A couple of testimonies from Sathyam Sivam Sundaram – 5.

One evening in October 1978 in Brindavan, Chakravarti met Bhagawan at four o’ clock to take leave of Him to fly back to Hyderabad. Baba asked him, “What time is the flight?”

He replied, “Swami, it is at quarter past six.”

Bhagawan thought for a while and said, “Bring your car here.”

When Chakravarti brought the car to the portico of the mandir, Baba got into the car and asked him to drive the car to the college auditorium. Baba saw the rehearsal of a students’ drama at the auditorium with Chakravarti and when they returned to the mandir, it was already six o’ clock. Even as Chakravarti was thinking of postponing his departure to Hyderabad since he would have missed the flight, Bhagawan told him, “You can leave for Hyderabad now.” Chakravarti did not want to tell Baba that the plane would have left by the time he reached the airport. He drove down to the airport and heard an announcement that the flight to Hyderabad, which was delayed due to unavoidable circumstances, was then ready for boarding!

On another occasion in 1979, as Chakravarti took leave of Brindavan, Baba conveyed His blessings saying, “Go Safely And Return Joyfully!” Chakravarti boarded the plane at Bangalore airport and the plane took off on time. But when the plane reached the Hyderabad airport, instead of landing there, it kept circling above. About forty-five minutes later, the anxiety of passengers was intensified as preparations were being made for belly-landing owing to some technical problem with the aircraft’s wheels. But, Chakravarti, who was reading a book, was free from any worry since he remembered the assuring words of his ‘Guardian’ before he had left Brindavan. When the plane finally came down for a forced landing, the wheels of the plane emerged out just in time; it was a normal landing! As Chakravarti thanked Baba and came out of the plane, he saw ambulances and fire engines lined up to take care of any eventuality.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II