Soaking In HeartFelt Gratitude…

Being grateful is termed as the magical secret of success… and for the colossally magnanimous, bounteous flow of grace of Creator Supreme, but for Whose grace the possible turns into appear as a myth – ‘impossible’, where success masks itself appearing to express as abject failure, if one wants to express gratitude he is sure to be forced to content with absolute discontentment, of being unable to express it to his heart’s fullest content.

Yes, it is humanly impossible to be grateful to Him in the fullest measure, for He is eternally bounteous…showering incessantly. Yet, we, humans make our efforts. 

As the month of March is turning hotter with simmering Sun showing its intent in complete measure, with exam fever catching up, perhaps against all so-called oddities the grateful hearts of students never relent, but to express it. Today was the turn of the passing out batches of students from the Prasanthi Nilayam campus of SSSIHL, combining postgraduate, graduate along with the students from the Sathya Sai Music College to open up, expressing innate feeling of gratitude.

They began today with a reference to the in vain search for the buffalo while being very much in the presence of Pasupathi HimSelf, thanking Him profusely for the heartful, soulful transformation of their lives at His Hands. Teri Hey Zameen Tera Aazman… the beautiful song captivating the wholesome feeling of Oneness of Beloved Mother Sai enriched the evening opening the floodgates for a session that extended for over 75 minutes.

Following the traditional gratitude pattern, the session had beautiful narratives of expressions of gratitude for His Special Touch Of Love n’ Grace, interspersed with songs, skits, instrumentals, percussion and band music.

The programme was titled Hathon Mein Hath…Sai Ke Sath… meaning Hand In Hand With Sai.

The bottom-line was clear… Gratitude is not a hollow word of Thank You that comes from the mind, but a feeling of grateful expression from a heart that rejoices His Presence, His bounty of love, every single moment.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II